She was very tired she could not asleep

8. Choose the best answer. She never liked to wear clothes in bright colors. A) Neither I did. B) So did her friend. C) Her friend did either. D) Neither did her mother.

16. Find the correct sentence. A) It has been raining since morning and I am afraid won’t stop by Saturday. B) The woman who speaks with my sister is my neighbor is who is living opposite us. C) By the time I came to the country cottage my friends have already left. D) After graduating university, I came to St. Petersburg. I have been working here since then.

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for each question below (19-22).

When Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492 from Spain, his destination was not America. In fact, he did not even know that the huge American continents existed. His purpose in sailing west was to reach the Indies faster than other ships which used a route around Africa. The Indies were a source of riches for Europeans during those days. The treasures of spices, silks, etc. were greatly valued by Europeans but were extremely difficult to obtain. When Columbus reached the islands that are now known as the West Indies, he believed he had reached Asia and he called the people living there ‘Indians’.

20. Spices, silks and other treasures

A) were found around the world. B) were taken to Asia to be sold.

C) were from the West Indies. D) from Asia, were brought to Europe.

22. Why did Columbus call the people of the land «Indians»? A) he believed that he had come to

India B) he wants to call them like C) because the people all were black D) the answer is still unknown

Read the text Then choose the correct answer for each question below (23-26).

Although all spiders kill their prey by injecting them with poison, only a few are dangerous enough to cause people or large animals any harm. The poison of the spider is injected by way of the pair of powerful fangs it possesses. Their venom is injected into its prey and for most insects and sometimes small animals, it is fatal. The most dangerous spiders are the black widow spiders. The European black widow can cause serious illness in a human victim whereas the North American black widow is known to have caused the death of people on several occasions.

C) is deadly to most insects and small animals. D) effects large animals quicker than small.

26. Choose the best TITLE for the text A) Insects B) the life of Spiders C) Are spiders dangerous? D) Wild life

Read the text Then choose the correct answer for each question below (27-30).

Fifty years ago, when I was a child, photographs were not of general interest. Photographs were taken of people occasionally, at weddings and on birthdays, for instance. These pictures were usually kept in a box and brought out at intervals to show the family. Nowadays photography is regarded as an art Many photographic exhibitions are held and there are many magazines dealing with the art of photography.

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30. The word «occasionally»in the passage is closest in the meaning to: A) inevitably B) rarely C) completely D) frequently

Количество вопросов в тесте: 20.
Время выполнения теста: 20 минут.

Вопрос №1

  • although
  • despite
  • yet

Вопрос №2

  • ought
  • can
  • might

Вопрос №3

  • Neither do I
  • Nor do I
  • So do I

Вопрос №4

  • have drunk
  • had drunk
  • had been drinking

Вопрос №5

  • see
  • to see
  • seeing

Вопрос №6

  • don’t you
  • haven’t you
  • have you

Вопрос №7

  • would have passed
  • would pass
  • will pass

Вопрос №8

  • to invite
  • invite
  • inviting

Вопрос №9

  • both
  • neither
  • either

Вопрос №10

  • didn’t sleep
  • doesn’t sleep
  • hasn’t slept

Вопрос №11

  • have
  • will have
  • would have

Вопрос №12

  • can’t
  • must
  • mustn’t

Вопрос №13

  • still
  • just
  • yet

Вопрос №14

  • anyone
  • someone
  • no one

Вопрос №15

  • get used to
  • used to
  • am used to

Вопрос №16

  • will paint
  • paint
  • would paint

Вопрос №17

  • is starting
  • starts
  • will start

Вопрос №18

  • worrying
  • worry
  • to worry

Вопрос №19

  • has been working
  • had worked
  • had been working

Вопрос №20

My favourite sport tennis.

Roberto is Italian. He’s Italy.

Moscow is the of Russia.

I leave for work quarter past eight.

The doctor told me that I smoke.

Is your new car? It’s great!

This letter is for Tom. Give it to

She often fish because it’s good for her.

She a letter at the moment.

What on Saturdays?

are you doing

do you do

Look at Jane! She a red dress today!

Yesterday we to the cinema and saw a great film.

When Rome? Last summer or last winter?

did you visit

are you visiting

do you visit

Paris is the city I’ve ever seen.

your homework yet?

Do you finish

Have you finished

Are you finishing

you help me with my project, please?

It was a beautiful morning. The sun and it was very warm.

What for a living?” “She’s a teacher.”

does she do

is she doing

George to work hard but he does now.

This is the gring I’ve ever seen. How much did it cost you?

If she , I’ll go on my own.

Jonathan and Fred a cup of tea at the moment.

Mum asked me how long for her.

I had been waiting

had I been waiting

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have I been waiting

When she back, she’ll call you.

I think I for you here. I just can’t go on walking!

am going to wait

There must be milk in the fridge.

Julie to San Francisco three times.

If I rich, I’d buy a yacht.

Rainforests down and the trees are used to make paper.

I wanted but I didn’t know what to do.

Daniel works long hours, ?

He cleaned the carpets after he finished his lunch.

By next week, I the kitchen and the living room.

will be painting

will have painted

The blue jacket costs $50, the white jacket costs $70. The blue jacket is than the white one.

I’d rather go out for dinner tonight than dinner at home.

My cousin his holidays with us next summer.

By this time next year, Jane Spanish for two years.

is going to study

will be studying

will have been studying

Alice won’t be able to buy that car she saves some money.

Rachel be in hospital; I just talked to her and she said she was at home.

Mary works a nurse at Pillby Hospital.

John is soaking wet because he in the rain.

has been walking

will be walking

had been walking

If you had studied harder, you the entrance exams.

will have passed

would have passed

will be passing

I wish I at Mike; he’s not talking to me now.

I don’t think there is bread left.

he is rich, he never spends any money

In spite of

Do you remember that film?

The authorities rebuilding the houses.

Dogs are very loyal pets. they can guard your property.

What is more

It’s no use the hedges cut until next month.

Her hair is not Catherine’s.

as long as

I’m not sure David lives.

You me!

are always criticising

always are criticising

She was very tired, she could not sleep.

She get a job as a teacher. She loves children.

I love going to the beach.” “ ”

Neither do I

So do I

Nor do I

By the time the rain stopped, we two pots of coffee.

had been drinking

We’re going to the theatre a play.

You have a pet, ?

If you had studied more, you the exam.

He can’t decide who to his birthday party.

He’s tired. He properly for days.

f I had a bigger flat, I a party.

He be famous. I’ve never heard of him.

I have received a letter from my pen-friend.

When I opened the door, there wasn’t there.

I live in the city, so I busy traffic.

am used to

get used to

When I buy a new house, I every room myself.

We must run to the cinema. The film in five minutes.

It’s no use about the exam results. You’ll know soon enough.

He was dirty because he in the garden.

had been working

has been working

The taxi will be here in a couple of minutes. We get ready to go.

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The interviewer started off me why I wanted the job.

The stairs quite steep, so be careful how you go down.

“Michael Jordan is visiting our school next week to talk about basketball.” “You mean Michael Jordan? Can you get his autograph for me?”

“Dad won’t mind us borrowing the car, will he?” “No, I «

don’t suppose it

We to the tennis club since we moved here.

they slept soundly.

Hot though the night air was

Hot though was the night air

Hot although the night air was

Your eyes are red – ?

did you cry

have you cried

have you been crying

I don’t know when Helen back.

I an interview because I’d worked there before.

didn’t need to have

needn’t have had

When I asked what was wrong, .

I was explained the problem

the problem was explained to me

he explained me the problem

Steven the wallet.

admitted to steal

to Paris during the vacation.

They are all going

All they are doing

They all are going

We should use time we have available to discuss John’s proposal.

the little of

Some experience is for the job.

She was as anyone could have had.

as patient teacher

a patient as teacher

as patient a teacher

Derek nowadays, he’s so busy at the office.

Hardly we ever see

We hardly ever see

We see hardly ever

in my seventies and rather unfit, I might consider taking up squash.

Were I not

Was I not

If I wasn’t

We were delayed an accident.

So successful her business was,

So was her successful business,

So successful was her business,

Если Вы набрали менее 10 правильных ответов – Ваш уровень Intermediate. Повторяйте грамматику и учите новую лексику!

Если Вы набрали более 10 правильных ответов – Ваш уровень Upper-Intermediate. Начинайте путь к продвинутому владению английским языком.

Если Вы ответили правильно на 19-20 вопросов – возможно, Ваш уровень знаний выше, пройдите тест Upper-Intermediate или Advanced.

Шаг 5: Upper-Intermediate или Advanced?

На уровне Upper-Intermediate Вы усвоили большой пласт новой сложной лексики и идиом, начали изучать сочетаемость слов, повторили всю изученную ранее грамматику и даже узнали несколько новых конструкций. Но изучение на этом не заканчивается. Впереди еще два уровня знания английского языка.

Уровень Advanced предполагает fluency – беглое общение на любую тему, способность несколькими способами выражать одну и ту же мысль, готовность понимать все, что говорит собеседник. С такими знаниями можно смело ехать заграницу. На этом уровне ученики учатся использовать сложные грамматические конструкции, такие как инверсия и смешанные типы условных предложений. Подробно разбирается сочетаемость слов, изучаются фразовые глаголы и фиксированные словосочетания. Учиться на этом уровне очень интересно, так как именно здесь учеба превращается в удовольствие от знания. Уровень Advanced рассматривается как подготовка к международному экзамену CAE (Certificate in Advanced English).

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