Тесты ОГЭ. Грамматика, часть 1

Тесты ОГЭ. Грамматика, часть 1 Английский

Огэ устная часть. демонстрационный вариант 16 — огэ (разбор заданий фипи). устная часть

Общее время ответа одного участника ОГЭ (включая время на подготовку) – 15 минут. Каждое последующее задание выдаётся после окончания выполнения предыдущего задания. Всё время ответа ведётся аудиозапись. Постарайтесь полностью выполнить поставленные задачи, говорить ясно и чётко, не отходить от темы и следовать предложенному плану ответа. Так Вы сможете набрать наибольшее количество баллов.

Задание №1. прочитать текст 2 балла 
Задание №2. задать (прямые) вопросы6 баллов
Задание №3. описание картинки7 баллов

ИТОГО: 20 баллов

В этом задании вам необходимо прочитать правильно текст, не допустив ошибок. Давайте разберём это задание на демоверсии 2022года.

Подготовка – 1.5 минуты
Время выполнения – не дольше 2 минуты
Балы за это задание – 2 балла

Task 1

You are going to read the text aloud. You have 1.5 minutes to read the text silently, and then be ready to read it aloud. Remember that you will not have more than 2 minutes for reading aloud.

The London climate is known for its mild character. Summer temperatures do no: normally go above 20 degrees. The city lies only 5 metres above sea level and that’s why fogs are common there. The fog is formed by the steam or water concentrated in the air. A couple of centuries ago London fog had a funny name, the pea soup. In reality, it was not funny because the fog contained poisonous smoke from the factories. The mixture of fog and smoke was called smog. In 1952 thousands o: Londoners died from it. To improve the situation Londoners started to use oil instead of coal to heat their houses. They managed to get rid of the dangerous smoke.

Read by George William Dole

Посмотреть все 20 заданий №1 надиктованных носителем языка.

Посмотреть все 20 заданий №2 надиктованных носителем языка.

Посмотреть все 20 заданий №3 надиктованных носителем языка.

Вам предлагается принять участие в условном диалоге- расспросе: ответить на шесть услышанных в аудиозаписи вопросов телефонного опроса.

Подготовка – 0 минут
Время выполнения2 минуты
Ваши вопросы – по 40 секунд на вопрос
Балы за это задание – 6 баллов (по баллу за вопрос)

Task 2

You are going to take part in a telephone survey. You have to answer the six questions. Give full answers to the questions. Remember that you have 40 seconds to answer each question.

Electronic assistant: Hello! It’s the electronic assistant of the Dolphin Sports Club. We kindly ask you to take part in our survey. We need to find out how people feel about doing sports in our region. Please answer six questions. The survey is anonymous – you don’t have to give your name. So, let’s get started.

Electronic assistant: How do you usually feel before you have to do an exam?

Student: Usually, I feel a little bit stressed-out before exams. Even if I know everything well I have this feeling that I have not learned everything well enough.

Electronic assistant: What exams do you prefer: oral or written? Why?
Student:I prefer written exams. When I write things I can focus better. It’s easier to express my thoughts when I am writing them on a piece of paper or on my computer. When I am taking an oral exam, I worry too much and make stupid mistakes or forget what I know well.

Electronic assistant: How do you prepare for your English exam?
Student:As a rule, I go through as many examples as possible. If it’s grammar, I do a lot of grammar testing. If it’s listening, I listen to a lot of typical audio tasks. The same with writing and reading. When I’ve done 20 say, writing tasks my brain tunes in on it and at the end I do them much better.

Electronic assistant: Are exams useful from your point of view? Why do you think so?
Student:I am sure that exams are very useful. They make us repeat the material of the exam many times. They make us focus on the most important information. We also treat the subject that has the exam at the end of the year much more seriously than a subject that doesn’t have one.

Electronic assistant: What would you recommend to a student who has failed his or her exam?

Student: Personally, I would recommend such a person reviewing more. The main thing is to focus on something he or she knows worse of all. The person can ask his friends to help if he doesn’t understand something. Of course, one should never give up, to lose a single fight doesn’t mean to lose the whole battle.

Electronic assistant: This is the end of the survey. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Read by George William Dole

Посмотреть все 20 заданий №1 надиктованных носителем языка.

Посмотреть все 20 заданий №2 надиктованных носителем языка.

Посмотреть все 20 заданий №3 надиктованных носителем языка.


Вам необходимо построить связное монологическое высказывание на определённую тему с опорой на план. Время на подготовку – 1,5 минуты.

Подготовка – 1.5 минуты
Время ответа – 2 минуты (10 — 12 предложений)
Балы за это задание – 7 баллов

Task 3

You are going to give a talk about learning English. You will have to start in 1.5 minutes and will speak for not more than 2 minutes (10-12 sentences).

Remember to say:

● how new electronic gadgets have changed our life;

● what the most useful gadget is in your view and why;

● whether there are any drawbacks to using modern gadgets.

You have to talk continuously.


Банк заданий демонстрационных вариантов по английскому ОГЭ (9-й класс).

Пробники огэ по иностранным языкам

Решу огэ


Russia is a huge country and that is why our cuisine is a rich collection of diverse cooking traditions. Our national food has its peculiarities due to the severe climate in winter and various forests rich in all kinds of berries and mushrooms in summer. Traditional Russian dishes are often made of vegetables, dairy products, poultry, meat, fish and various corps. Some food can be really specific for foreigners, as Russian cuisine is very famous for the variety of soups: borscht (red beetroot soup), ukha (fish soup), shchi (cabbage soup). Traditional Russian drinks are hot black tea with honey or home-made jam, kvas (a drink made of rye bread), compote (stewed fruit drink). Even though our cuisine is rich in specific dishes, my family prefers traditional ones. We like shchi, roast meat, baked potatoes and vegetables, cakes and pies. My mother likes to bake, so there is always something tasty at home.

I believe that Russian people have always been known for their hospitality. We are happy to welcome guests with tasty dinners with a lot of food on the table. I am proud of our national food and every time recommend foreign tourist to try unusual dishes.

Тест 16. грамматика и лексика. егэ по английскому языку

Тест №16 по гиа. английский язык (ответ) — английский. тесты гиа. грамматика ч.1 — 01.тест


Alex Ferguson is famous for being the manager of a football team. Almost all football fans heard of him.



Alex Ferguson first took over the role of Manager of Manchester United Football Club back in 1986.



At that time, few people imagined that he would stay in the job for almost another three decades.



While Ferguson was Manager, Manchester United won a total of 38 important trophies, including 13 Premier League titles.



This made them one of the best football teams in the world.



However, Ferguson didn’t have a good relationship with all the players all the time. Sometimes, they had terrible arguments and fights.

Not have


In 2003, Ferguson and David Beckham had an argument about something. No-one knows exactly what it was, or what happened, but the story is that Beckham got hit in the face with a football boot!



In May 2022, Ferguson finally announced that he would leave the club. This was during his 26th year as Manager.



Manchester United supporters were very sad to hear the news from their most successful manager ever.





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