Тест на союзы в английском языке

Тест на союзы в английском языке Английский

1. Tom is proud ____ his progress in Maths.а) of +б) inв) at

2. The Stones usually eat ___ once or twice a week.а) upа) forа) out +

3. Don’t give ____ playing the guitar. You are really good at it.а) offб) up +в) to

4. She was very proud______his achievements.a) forб) withв) of +г) at

5. It took some time to get accustomed______driving on the left.a) atб) to+в) withг) for

6. Mary wanted to arrive______work______time, but her car broke and she was late.a) at, inб) in, inв) at, on +г) in, on

7. The murderer was sent______prison although his advo¬cate did his best to defend him.a) to +б) intoв) inг) at

8. She has been looking _____ her purse for half an hour but still can’t find it.а) atб) overв) for +

9. Don’t be angry _____ her. She really didn’t want to hurt you.а) atб) onв) with +

10. We have been waiting _____ a bus for twenty minutes already.а) for +б) —в) of

11. I didn’t have any money, I had to borrow some______a friend of mine.a) ofб) afterв) from +г) over

12. I am not going out yet. I am waiting______the rain to stop.a) toб) aboutв) —г) for+

13. You should listen _____ your parents’ advise.а) —б) forв) to +

14. This monument is famous _____ its long history.а) ofб) for +в) about

15. The roof of the house is in a very bad condition. I think we ought to do something______it.a) ofб) withв) about +г) after

16. Do you see that girl over there? Does she remind you ______anyone you know?a) of +б) —в) aboutг) to

17. We don’t have any of those designer jeans left. We’re _____ of stock right now but I ordered more and they should be here by next week.а) inб) out+в) underг) on

18. I went to the store _____ foot yesterday. I really like taking short walks once in a while.а) on+б) outв) inг) under

19. When I saw Mike, I congratulated him_______passing his driving test.a) forб) toв) ofг) on+

20. It’s not very pleasant when you are accused_______ something you didn’t do.a) forб) of+в) toг) in

21. Norman is ______ a lot of pressure at work. He’s responsible for planning the upcoming seminar as well as his regular duties.а) under+б) onв) outг) in

22. I need you to tell me what happened ______ detail. I want to know exactly what took place, who was there with you and why it happened.а) onб) in+в) underг) out

23. I knew then it was something I wanted to do _____ the rest of my life.а) inб) aboutв) for+г) over

24. Mr. Stone kissed his wife, took his bag and set _____ for London.а) off +б) toв) at

25. The train arrives _____ the station at 6.30 p.m.а) toб) at +в) on

26. She was always good _____ Biology. No wonder she decided to become a doctor.а) inб) onв) at +

27. She was happy to take _____ her shoes at last. Her feet were sore of wearing high heels all day.а) awayб) backв) off +

28. They kept _____ laughing even when the film was over.а) upб) —в) on +

29. Could you add this up for me? I’m not very quick______ calculating.a) withб) at+в) inг) on

30. After days of preparation the hall is ready______the grand opening.a) onб) atв) toг) for+

Навигация по записям

1. Выберите предложение с правильным порядком обстоятельств.а) She was sleeping peacefully in her bed after crying for a long time that day.+б) She was peacefully in her bed sleeping after crying for a long time that day.в) She was sleeping after crying for a long time that day in bed peacefully.

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2. Она сейчас в своем кабинете, не знаете?а) Do you know is she in her office?б) Do you know whether she is in her office?+в) Do you know whether is she in her office?

3. Where is your new car? Come on,______!a) show us+б) show us to itв) show to us

4. They have lived______.a) for a long time peacefully in the same houseб) for a long time in the same house peacefullyв) peacefully in the same house for a long time+

5. А______man got up from the table and beckoned to them.a) pleasant looking and middle-agedб) middle-aged pleasant lookingв) pleasant-looking middle aged+

6. My dad goes to the library very often. He doesn’t read ______. .a) books at home+б) at home books

7. Did he eat ______ ?a) in the salad crabsб) crabs in the salad+

8. How ______ your surname?a) do you spell+б) you spelled

9. What ______ ?a) can we go wayб) way can we go+

10. Who ______ ?a) are you going to the party with+б) with are you going to the party

11.______than he fell ill.a) No sooner he had arrivedб) No he had sooner arrivedв) No sooner had he arrived+

12. Not only______you, they smash everything too.a) they do robб) do they rob+в) they rob

14. Мэри – девочка, умная не по годам.а) Mary is a girl that is wise beyond her years.+б) Mary a girl that wise beyond her years.в) Mary is a girl that wise beyond her years.

15. С кем ты живешь?а) Who live you with?б) Who do you live with?+в) Who does live with you?

16. It took Felix ____________to repair his car.а) so much time+б) such much timeв) much so time

17. What ____________tomorrow morning?а) will be you doingб) will you be doing+в) you will be doing

18.______the house when it started to rain.a) Scarcely he had enteredб) Scarcely had he entered+в) He scarcely had entered

19.______at everyone who got off the plane.a) Suspiciously he lookedб) He suspiciously lookedв) He looked suspiciously+

20.______injured in the last match.a) He badly wasб) Badly he wasв) He was badly+

21. There ____________on TV. In fact there are less of them nowadays.а) are not enough good films+б) good films are not enoughв) not enough are good films

22. There was a big traffic jam downtown and ____________.а) slowly the cars movedб) the cars snowly movedв) the cars moved slowly+

23. Never before______to accept a bribe.a) I had been askedб) had I been asked+в) had been I asked

24. The secretary typed______.a) for Mr. Benson the documentб) Mr. Benson the documentв) the document/or Mr. Benson+

25. A______woman with brown hair was the only contralto.a) small and bullied-lookingб) bullied-looking smallв) small bullied-looking+

26.______got to the station on time.a) Only I and my brotherб) Only my brother and I+в) My brother and I only

27. Nancy ____________when she learnt about her mother’s illness.а) was awfully upset+б) was upset awfullyв) awfully was upset

28. They arranged to meet______.a) in a pub at the foot of College Road for a pre-lunch drinkб) for a pre-lunch drink in a pub at the foot of College Road+в) for a pre-lunch drink at the foot of College Road in a pub

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29. I’d like you to get______from the market.a) for me some fruitб) some fruit meв) some fruit for me+

30. Last year we went______.a) to Vienna by train at Easter+б) at Easter to Vienna by trainв) by train at Easter to Vienna

1. Образуйте сложное предложение, соединив два простых предложения подходящим союзом “and – but – or – so – because” (возможны несколько вариантов).

2. Поставьте или .

3. Выберите подходящий союз.


  • so (Мы опоздали, поэтому не успели на поезд.)
  • but (Я живу в Оксфорде, но работаю в Лондоне.)
  • but (Фильм был слишком долгим, но довольно интересным.)
  • so (Он потерял ноутбук, поэтому пошел в полицейский участок.)
  • so (Отель очень дорогой, поэтому лишь богатые люди живут здесь.)
  • while (Некоторые друзья нашли работу, тогда как другие до сих пор безработные.)
  • although (Я согласен с идеей, хотя не считаю ее достаточно практичной.)
  • after (Нужно чистить зубы после того, как закончил еду.)
  • before (Пойдем домой, пока не начался дождь.)
  • while (Шторм начался в то время, когда дети играли во дворе.)
  • when (Отдай эту книгу Сэму, когда увидишь его.)
  • since (Он катается верхом с тех пор, как был маленьким мальчиком.)
  • although (Первые джинсы были сшиты для рабочих, хотя сегодня их носят во всем мире.)
  • while (Сегодня солнце довольно теплое, тогда как воздух еще холодный.)
  • Unless (Пока они не помогут мне, я не смогу закончить доклад вовремя.)

1. She is ____ an engineer or an economist.a) either+б) neitherв) both

2. ____ boys and girls play tennis.a) Eitherб) Neitherв) Both+

3. ____ Nick nor Tom wants to go to the party.a) Eitherб) Neither+в) Both

4. She plays ____ the piano and the guitar.a) eitherб) neitherв) both+

5. ___ Sandra nor Eric likes jogging.a) Neither+б) Eitherв) Both

6. Sean runs every morning ___ he wants to win a championship.a) as well asб) because+в) provided

7. Nancy took so many dresses to Egypt ___ she was going to stay there forever.a) in caseб) whetherв) as though+

8. He would like to become ___ an engineer or sailor.a) either+б) neitherв) nor

9. The red dress is ___ the black one.a) as beautifulб) beautiful asв) as beautiful as+

10. Don’t eat any mushrooms ___ you know they’re safe.a) as well asб) until+в) as if

11. The Chairman of the Board gave a long speech. He spoke _____ two hours.a) for+б) duringв) while

12. It rained _____ two days without stopping.a) duringб) for+в) while

13. My sister read lots of books _____ she was ill.a) while+б) duringв) for

14. Jack is very tired. He looks ___ he needs a good rest.a) as if+б) soв) before

15. I like summer ___ it’s not too hot.a) orб) provided+в) thus

16. You won’t pass the exam ___ you study hard.a) unless+б) beforeв) as

17. We see them quite often ___ they’re our neighbours.a) whenб) thatв) as+

18. We’ll call an emergency ___ she feels worse.a) if+б) butв) as if

19. Sally reads books every day ___ she has got free time.a) thereforeб) unlessв) as long as+

20. ______ it was really hot outside, I wore shorts.a) Althoughб) Since +в) Unless

21. Finish your homework ___ you go out.a) as well asб) thatв) before+

22. Andy got his first job ___ he was 20.a) thatб) when+в) as

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23. She enjoys ___ singing and dancing.a) both+б) eitherв) neither

24. He has always done well on exams. This time, ______ , he failed.a) however +б) accordinglyв) moreover

25. I won’t be able to borrow any more money ______ I pay off some of my previous debts.a) butб) until +в) although

26. ______ he wasn’t a good player, he had a great game.a) Sinceб) Becauseв) Although+

27. The little girl slept ______ her father played the guitar.a) while +б) thereforeв) until

28. My brother can speak ____ English and German.a) eitherб) neitherв) both+

29. Give me ____ a pen or a pencil.a) either+б) neitherв) both

30. He brought ____ a book nor an exercise book.a) eitherб) neither+в) both

Тест на союзы в английском языке

1. Выпишите те предложения, в которых относительные местоимения могут быть пропущены, но смысл останется прежним.

  • She met a woman who works on TV. (Она встретила женщину, которая работает на ТВ.)
  • It was the funniest book that I have ever read. (Это была самая смешная книга, которую я когда-либо читала.)
  • What is the name of the perfume which you are wearing today? (Как называются духи, которыми вы пользуетесь сегодня?)
  • The hotel where they stayed was terrible. (Отель, в котором они остановились, был ужасным.)
  • I don’t really know why she is crying. (Я действительно не знаю, почему она плачет.)
  • Amanda is my best friend who I can always rely on. (Аманда – моя лучшая подруга, на которую я всегда могу положиться.)
  • My boss Ted, who is Spanish, plays the guitar. (Мой босс Тед, будучи испанцем, играет на гитаре.)
  • Who was that boy who you were talking to? (Кто был тот парень, с которым ты разговаривал?)
  • The company which I work for is based in Italy. (Компания, на которую я работаю, основана в Италии.)

2. Поставьте подходящее относительное местоимение who, which, that, when, why, where whose.

3. Соедините предложения, используя придаточные предложения.

  • whose (Его сестра, чье имя Лара, работает в библиотеке.)
  • which/that (Ее последний фильм, который я совсем не понял, имел большой успех.)
  • that (Дай мне что-нибудь  для снятия боли.)
  • where (Я работаю в том городе, где живет мой сын.)
  • which/that (Мы покажем вам стихотворение, изменившее мою жизнь.)
  • who (Врачи, требующие денег, бессовестны.)
  • that/which (Здесь есть поблизости магазин, продающий молоко?)
  • why (Это основная причина, почему я пришел к вам.)
  • when (Я никогда не забуду свое детство, когда я был так счастлив.)
  • who (Люди, проживающие в квартирах, не должны иметь животных.)
  • which/that (Машина, которую он купил в прошлом месяце, фантастическая.)
  • that (Это самый красивый водопад, который мы когда-либо видели!)
  • The bakery which is near my house sells wonderful pies. (Булочная, расположенная у моего дома, продает прекрасные пирожки.)
  • The cottage where they lived was struck by lightning. (Коттедж, в котором они жили, был поражен молнией.)
  • Nobody likes the salad which Jane made. (Никому не нравится салат, который приготовила Джейн.)
  • Jack is the architect who designed the Opera House. (Джек – архитектор, спроектировавший Оперный театр.)
  • The woman whose cat bit me didn’t apologize. (Женщина, чья кошка укусила меня, не извинилась.)
  • Madonna, whose parents were born in Italy, is a famous American singer. (Мадонна, чьи родители родились в Италии, является знаменитой американской певицей.)
  • The apartment where the lawyer lives is the biggest in the house. (Квартира, в которой живет адвокат, самая большая в доме.)
  • The sports centre where we play tennis is very expensive. (Спортивный центр, в котором мы играем в теннис, очень дорогой.)
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