Sorry, This app Is No Longer Available on Windows Store[FIX]

Sorry, This app Is No Longer Available on Windows Store[FIX] Английский

by Andrew Wafer

Updated on May 30, 2022

Sorry, This app Is No Longer Available on Windows Store[FIX]


Of course, there is nothing wrong with this message, but in fact the app it refers is actually available on Windows Store; so where’s the trick here? It seems that this is a system error or alert caused by your Windows 10/ Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 OS, which is preventing you from downloading content from Windows Store. Sure, this is frustrating and annoying but worry as I will show you how to easily fix the “Sorry, this app is no longer available on Windows Store” error.

This Item is no Longer Available on Windows Store

Apparently, your error is nothing but a bug which has been introduced with a system update. Windows recently released a new security update to address several issues, but besides fixing problems, the same update is causing some Windows Store malfunctions. Therefore, until Microsoft releases a new software in order to automatically resolve the “This Item is no longer available” alert, you will have to fix the problem by yourselves.

Run the Windows Store App troubleshooter

If the issue persists, try clearing the Windows Store app cache by running the WSReset.exe command in a Run window. Restart your computer and check if this workaround solved the problem.

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Clean boot your computer

So, there you have it; that’s how you can easily fix your Windows 10/ Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 “This Item is no longer available” in Windows Store system error.

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Предложения с «This content is no longer available in your area»

FBA: If your sending your inventory to Amazon for fulfillment then the page will continue to say ‘Unavailable’ until Amazon receives and processes your shipment of the product. Only after Amazon has your inventory staged and ready to ship on orders will quantity be updated and product available to buyers.

What does no longer available mean?

Adjective. ▲ Permanently no longer available or in production. discontinued. obsolete.

Why is my product currently unavailable?

It means exactly what it says: the item is currently unavailable. They, or whoever sells it, are out of stock. There are all sorts of reasons they could be out of stock (including discontinuation of the product), so who knows why. They may have more stock later on, or they may not.

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How do you know when something is back in stock on Amazon?

Click “edit” on the far right of the product slot. Scroll down the “offer” page. On most products, you will see a “restock date” input. Type in the date the product will be restocked on, and it will show up within 15 minutes.

What happens when a product is discontinued?

If a product is permanently discontinued, this means that it will never be sold on your online store ever again. This could be due to a lack of stock on your part, which you will not renew, or because it’s no longer being made by its manufacturer.

Why is this story no longer available?

Why are Instagram stories no longer available?

When a product isn’t performing financially, companies have no choice but to find an alternative. They may also be forced down the same path if a product ingredient is no longer available, states Gerrard. “The company works hard to replicate it but sometimes it’s not possible and the product is discontinued.”

Where can I find discontinued products? and are two reliable sites filled with hard-to-find and discontinued makeup products. You also can find discontinued products in stores, and this can lead to serious savings.

Why would a product get discontinued?

It could be because of new models introduced to the market, or just changing technology or tastes. Not too many Sony Beta machines, or even VHS machines are sold anymore. Iphone 4 sales have probably slumped tremendously due to new models being introduced. Lots of items fall into this category.

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