Самые популярные сокращения и аббревиатуры в Английском языке

Самые популярные сокращения и аббревиатуры в Английском языке Английский

2000 sms сокращений

Более 82 миллионов человек регулярно общаются посредством текстовых сообщений. Мы собрали более 2000 смс сокращений, теперь можно расшифровать все!

SMS contractions

!I have a comment
**//it means wink wink, nudge nudge
,!!!!Talk to the hand
02Your (or my) two cents worth, also seen as m.02
10QThank you
1174Nude club
121One to one
1337Elite -or- leet -or- L337
14it refers to the fourteen words
143I love you
1432I Love You Too
14AA41One for All and All for One
182I hate you
187it means murder/ homicide
190 hand
2B or not 2BTo Be Or Not To Be
[email protected]To Be At
2BZ4UQTToo Busy For You Cutey
2B~not2BTo be or not to be
2DLooToodle oo
2G2B4GToo Good To Be Forgotten
2G2BTToo Good To Be True
2QTToo Cute
2U2To You Too
404I haven’t a clue
459I love you
4COLFor Crying Out Loud
4EAEForEver And Ever
4QF*** You
511Too much information
5FS5 Finger Salute
747Let’s Fly
8Oral sex
831I Love You
86Out of, over, to get rid of, or kicked out
88Hugs and kisses
9Parent is watching
99Parent is no longer watching
::poof::I’m gone
<3it’s a heart
?I have a question
?^Hook up?
@French equivalent of CUL8R
@TEOTDAt The End Of The Day
A/NAuthor’s Note
A2DAgree to Disagree
A3Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
AAAAAAmerican Association Against Acronym Abuse
AAFAs A Friend -or- Always And Forever
AAKAsleep At Keyboard
AAMOFAs A Matter Of Fact
AAMOIAs A Matter Of Interest
AARAt Any Rate
AAR8At Any Rate
AASAlive And Smiling
AATKAlways At The Keyboard
AAYFAs Always, Your Friend
ABAss Backwards
ABITHIWTITBA Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush
ABKAlways Be Knolling
ABT2About To
ACDAlt Control Delete
ACEAccess Control Entry
ACORNA Completely Obsessive Really Nutty person
ADADAnother Day Another Dollar
ADBBAll Done Bye Bye
ADIDASAll Day I Dream About Sex
ADIHAnother Day In Hell
ADIPAnother Day In Paradise
ADMAye Dios Mio
ADNAdvanced Digital Network -or- Any Day Now
AEAPAs Early As Possible
AFAGAYA Friend As Good As You
AFAHMASPA Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted
AFAICAs Far As I’m Concerned
AFAICSAs Far As I Can See
AFAICTAs Far As I Can Tell
AFAIKAs Far As I Know
AFAIRAs Far As I Remember
AFAIUAs Far As I Understand
AFAIUIAs Far As I Understand It
AFAPAs Far As Possible
AFAYCAs Far As You’re Concerned
AFCAway From Computer
AFDNAny F***ing Day Now
AFGOAnother F***ing Growth Opportunity
AFIAAAs Far As I Am Aware
AFINIAFIA Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
AFJApril Fools Joke
AFKAway From Keyboard -or- A Free Kill
AFPOEA Fresh Pair Of Eyes
AFTAbout F***ing Time
AFUAll F***ed Up
AFWAway From Window
AFZAcronym Free Zone
AGBAlmost Good Bridge
AGKWEAnd God Knows What Else
AIArtificial Intelligence -or- As If
AIAMUAnd I’m A Monkey’s Uncle
aightall right
AIHAs It Happens
AIMBAs I Mentioned Before
AIMPAlways In My Prayers
AISBAs I Said Before
AISEAs I Said Earlier
AITRAdult In The Room
AKA or a.k.a.Also Known As
ALAPAs Late As Possible
alconAll Concerned
ALOLActually Laughing Out Loud
ALOTBSOLAlways Look On The Bright Side Of Life
ALTGAct Locally, Think Globally
ALWAin’t Life Wonderful
AMAAsk Me Anything
AMAPAs Many As Possible -or- As Much As Possible
AMBWAll My Best Wishes
AMFAdios Mother F***er
AMLAll My Love
AMRMTYFTSAll My Roommates Thank You For The Show
ANFAWFOSAnd Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
ANFSCDAnd Now For Something Completely Different
ANGBAlmost Nearly Good Bridge
AOASAll Of A Sudden
AOBAbuse Of Bandwidth
AONApropos Of Nothing
AORAgency On Record
AOYPAngel On Your Pillow
APApple Pie
ARAction Required
ASApe Sh** -or- Another Subject
ASAFPAs Soon As F***ing Possible
ASAMOFAs A Matter Of Fact
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
ASAYGTAs Soon As You Get This
ATABAin’t That A Bitch
ATCAny Two Cards
ATMAt The Moment -or- Asynchronous Transfer Mode -or- Automated Teller Machine
ATSLAlong The Same Line
ATSTAt The Same Time
ATWAll The Web -or- Around The Web -or- All The Way
ATWDAgree That We Disagree
AUNTAnd U Know This
AUNTMAnd U Know This Man
AWCAfter While, Crocodile
AWGTHTGTTAAre We Going To Have To Go Through This Again
AWHFYAre We Having Fun Yet?
AWLTPAvoiding Work Like The Plague
AWNIACAll We Need Is Another Chair
AWOLAbsent Without Leave
AWTTWA Word To The Wise
AYCAren’t You Clever -or- Aren’t You Cheeky
AYCEAll You Can Eat
AYFKMWTSAre You F***ing Kidding Me With This Sh**
AYKAs You Know
AYMMAre You My Mother
AYORAt Your Own Risk
AYSOSAre You Stupid Or Something
AYTMTBAnd You’re Telling Me This Because
AYVAre You Vertical?
B&FBack and Forth
B4NBye For Now
B4UBefore You
B4YKIBefore You Know It
[email protected] or [email protected]Back at You
BABYBeing Annoyed By You
BACBad Ass Chick
BAGBusting A Gut -or- Big Ass Grin
BAKBack At Keyboard
BAMFBad Ass Mother F***er
bananacode word for penis
BARBBuy Abroad but Rent in Britain
BAUBusiness As Usual
BBBe Back -or- Buzzard Breath -or- Blessed Be
BB4NBye Bye for Now
BBAMFICBig Bad Ass Mother F***er In Charge
BBBBye Bye Babe -or- Boring Beyond Belief
BBBGBye Bye Be Good
BBFBBMBody By Fisher, Brains By Mattel
BBFNBye Bye for Now
BBIABBe Back In A Bit
BBIAFBe Back In A Few
BBIASBe Back In A Sec
BBIAWBe Back In A While
BBLBe Back Later
BBMFICBig Bad Mother F***er In Charge
BBRBurnt Beyond Repair
BBSBe Back Soon -or Bulletin Board Service
BBSDBe Back Soon Darling
BBSLBe Back Sooner or Later
BBTBe Back Tomorrow
BBWBig Beautiful Woman -or- Big Black Woman
BCBGBon Chic Bon Genre -or- Belle Cul Belle Geulle
BCBSBig Company, Big School
BCNUBe Seeing You
BDBig Deal -or- Baby Dance -or- Brain Drain
BDBI5MBusy Daydreaming Back In 5 Minutes
BDCBig Dumb Company -or- Big Dot Com
BDNBig Damn Number
BDOABrain Dead On Arrival
BDSMBondage, Dominance, Sadism, Masochism
BEGBig Evil Grin
BFBoyfriend -or- Best Friend
BFDBig F***ing Deal -or- Big F***ing Disaster
BFEBum F*** Egypt
BFFBest Friends Forever -or- Best Friend’s Funeral
BFFNBest Friends For Now
BFFTTEBest Friends Forever Til The End
BFGBig F***ing Gun
BFNBye For Now
BFRBig F***ing Rock
BGBe Good
BGFBest GirlFriend
BHAGBig Hairy Audacious Goal
BHGBig Hearted Guy -or- Big Hearted Girl
BHIMBGOBloody Hell, I Must Be Getting Old
BHOFBald Headed Old Fart
BIBusiness Intelligence
BI5Back In Five
BIBOBeer In, Beer Out
BIFBasis In Fact -or- Before I Forget
BILBrother-In-Law -or- Boss Is Listening
BIOBring It On
BIOIYABreak It Off In Your Ass
BIONBelieve It Or Not
BIOYABlow It Out Your Ass
BIOYEBlow It Out Your Ear
BIOYIOPBlow It Out Your I/O Port
BIOYNBlow it Out Your Nose
BITCHBasically In The Clear Homey
BITDBack In The Day
BITFOBBring It The F*** On, Bitch
BJBlow Job
BKABetter Known As
BLBelly Laughing
BLBBLBBack Like Bull, Brain Like Bird
BMByte Me
BMFBad Mother F***er
BMGWLBusting My Gut With Laughter
BMOCBig Man On Campus
BMOFBite Me Old Fart
BMOTAByte Me On The Ass
BMSBaby Making Sex
BMWB*tch, Moan, Whine
BNDNBeen Nowhere Done Nothing
BNFBig Name Fan
BOBug Off -or- Body Odor
BOAISYBend Over And I’ll Show You
BOBBattery Operated Boyfriend
BOBFOCBody Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch
BOCTAAEBut Of Course There Are Always Exceptions
BODBenefit of the Doubt -or- Board Of Directors
BOFHBastard Operator From Hell
BOHICABend Over Here It Comes Again
BONBelieve it Or Not
bookit means cool
BOTECBack Of The Envelope Calculation
BOTLBra On The Loose
BOTOHBut On The Other Hand
BPLMBig Person Little Mind
BRBBe Right Back
BRICBrazil, Russia, India, China
BRLBelly Roll Laughs
BROBe Right Over
BRTBe Right There
BRUFBig Requirements Up Front
BSBig Smile -or- Bull Sh** -or- Brain Strain
BSAAWBig Smile And A Wink
BSBD&NEBook Smart, Brain Dead & No Experience
BSEGBig Sh** Eating Grin
BSFBut Seriously, Folks
BSODBlue Screen of Death
BTByte This
BTABut Then Again -or- Before The Attacks
BTDBored To Death
BTDTBeen There Done That
BTDTGTSBeen There, Done That, Got The T-shirt
BTFOBack The F*** Off -or- Bend The F*** Over
BTHOOMBeats The Heck Out Of Me
BTNBetter Than Nothing
BTOIYABe There Or It’s Your Ass
BTSOOMBeats The Sh** Out Of Me
BTTTBack To The Top -or- Bump To The Top
BTWBy The Way -or- Bring The Wheelchair
BTWBOBe There With Bells On
BTWITIAILWUBy The Way I Think I Am In Love With You
BTYCBetter Than You Can
BTYDBetter Than You Do
BUFFBig Ugly Fat F***
bumpBring Up My Post
BWBest Wishes
BWDIKBut What Do I Know
BWIBut What If
BWLBursting With Laughter
BWOBlack, White or Other
BWTMBut Wait, There’s More
BYAMBetween You And Me
BYKIBefore You Know It
BYKTBut You Knew That
BYOABring Your Own Advil
BYOBBring Your Own Bottle -or- Bring Your Own Beer
BYODBring Your Own Device
BYOWBuild Your Own Website -or- Bring Your Own Wine
BYTMEBetter You Than ME
c yasee ya
C&GChuckle and Grin
C/PCross Post
C/SChange of Subject
C4NCiao For Now
CAACCool As A Cucumber
CASCrack A Smile
CBChat Brat -or- Coffee Break -or Call Back
CBBCan’t Be Bothered
CBFCan’t Be F***ed
CBJCovered Blow Job
CBMCovered By Medicare
CD9Code 9 — it means parents are around
CFCoffee Freak -or- Cluster F***
CFVCall For Vote
CHAClick Here Asshole
CIAOGoodbye (in Italian)
CICOCoffee In, Coffee Out
CICYHWCan I Copy Your Home Work
CIDConsider It Done -or- Crying In Disgrace
CILCheck In Later
CINBAClad In Naught But Air
CIOCheck It Out -or- Chief Information Officer / Chief Internet Officer
CLMCareer Limiting Move
CMCall Me
CMAPCover My Ass Partner
CMFCount My Fingers
CMIWCorrect Me if I’m Wrong
CMUCrack Me Up
CNPContinued in Next Post
COBClose Of Business
COBRASCome On By Right After School
CODChange Of Dressing
Cof$Church of Scientology
CofSChurch of Scientology
COLChuckle Out Loud
cooshort for cool
COSChange Of Subject
COTCircle Of Trust
CPGConsumer Packaged Goods
CRAFTCan’t Remember A F***ing Thing
CRAPCheap Redundant Assorted Products
CRATCan’t Remember A Thing
CRAWSCan’t Remember Anything Worth A Sh**
CRBCome Right Back
CRBTCrying Real Big Tears
CRDCaucasian Rhythm Disorder -or- Deficiency
CRDTCHCKCredit Check
CRSCan’t Remember Sh**
CRTLACan’t Remember the Three-Letter Acronym
CSCareer Suicide
CS&FCute Sexy & Funny
CSACool Sweet Awesome
CSABRContinued Success And Best Regards
CSLCan’t Stop Laughing
CSNChuckle, Snicker, Grin
CTCan’t Talk -or- Can’t Text
CTACall To Action
CTCCare To Chat -or- Contact -or- Choking The Chicken
CTFDCalm The F*** Down
CTFOCome The F*** On
CTFUCracking The F*** Up
CTMQChuckle To Myself Quietly
CTOCheck This Out
CUSee You -or- Cracking Up
CU46See You For Sex
CUATSCSee You At The Senior Center
CUATUSee You Around The Universe
CULSee You Later
CUL8RSee You Later
CULASee You Later Alligator
CUNSSee You In School
CUNTSee You Next Time
CUOLSee You OnLine
CUWTACatch Up With The Acronyms
CWOTComplete Waste Of Time
CWYLChat With You Later
CYCalm Yourself
CYACover Your Ass -or- See Ya
CYECheck your Email
CYLSee You Later
CYMCheck Your Mail
CYOSee You Online
CYOHCreate Your Own Happening
CYTSee You Tomorrow
D&MDeep & Meaningful
d00ddude, also seen as dood
DAMHIKTDon’t Ask Me How I Know That
DARFCDucking And Running For Cover
DBADoing Business As
DBABAIDon’t Be A Bitch About It
DBDDon’t Be Dumb
DBEYRDon’t Believe Everything You Read
DBMIBDon’t Bother Me I’m Busy
DDDue Diligence
DDASDon’t Do Anything Stupid
DDGDrop Dead Gorgeous
DDSOSDifferent Day, Same Old Sh**
DEGTDon’t Even Go There
DENIALDon’t Even Notice I Am Lying
DETIDon’t Even Think It
DFDear Friend
DFIKDarn If I Know
DFLADisenhanced Four-Letter Acronym (that is, a TLA)
DFUDon’t F*** Up
DFWLYDon’t Forget Who Loves You
DGADon’t Go Anywhere
DGAFDon’t Give A F***
DGARADon’t Give A Rat’s Ass
DGTDon’t Go There
DGTGDon’t Go There Girlfriend
DGYFDamn Girl You’re Fine
DHDear Husband
DHYBDon’t Hold Your Breath
DIAFDie In A Fire
DICDrunk In Charge
DIFBETit means what’s the difference between
DIKUDo I Know You?
DILLIGADDo I Look Like I Give A Damn
DILLIGASDo I Look Like I Give A Sh**
DINKDouble Incomes, No Kids
DIRFTDo It Right the First Time
DISTODid I Say That Outloud?
DITRDancing In The Rain
dittosame here
DITYIDDid I Tell You I’m Distressed
DIYDo It Yourself
DJMDon’t Judge Me
DKDCDon’t Know Don’t Care
DLDown Low -or- Download -or- Dead Link
DLTBBBDon’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite
DLTMDon’t Lie To Me
DMDirect Message
DMIDon’t Mention It
DNBL8Do Not Be Late
DNCDoes Not Compute
DNDDo Not Disturb
DNPMPLDamn Near Pissed My Pants Laughing
DOADead On Arrival
DOCDrug Of Choice
DOEDepends On Experience
DOEIGoodbye (in Dutch)
DORDDepartment Of Redundancy Department
DPDomestic Partner
dpsDamage Per Second
DPUPDon’t Poop Your Pants
DQMOTDon’t Quote Me On This
DQYDJDon’t Quit Your Day Job
DRBDirty Rat Bastard
DRCOWOTODon’t Really Care One Way Or The Other
DRIBDon’t Read If Busy
DSTR8Damn Straight
DTCDeep Throaty Chuckle
DTFDown To F***
DTRTDo The Right Thing
DUIDriving Under the Influence
DUMDo You Masturbate?
DUNADon’t Use No Acronyms
dunnoi don’t know
DURSDamn You Are Sexy
DUSLDo You Scream Loud?
DUSTDid You See That?
DWDon’t Worry
DW2HDon’t Work Too Hard
DWBDon’t Write Back
DWBHDon’t Worry Be Happy
DWHDuring Work Hours
DWIDriving While Intoxicated
DWPKOTLDeep Wet Passionate Kiss On The Lips
DWSDriving While Stupid
DWWWISurfing the World Wide Web while intoxicated
DWYMDoes What You Mean
DYACDamn You Auto Correct
DYFMDude You Fascinate Me
DYHABDo You Have A Boyfriend?
DYHAGDo You Have A Girlfriend
DYJHIWDon’t You Just Hate It When…
DYLIDo You Love It?
DYOFDWDo Your Own F***ing Dirty Work
DYSTSOTTDid You See The Size Of That Thing
E123Easy as One, Two, Three
E2HOEach to His/Her Own
EABOSEat A Bag Of Sh**
EAKEating at Keyboard
EAPFSEverything About Pittsburgh F***ing Sucks
EDErectile Dysfunction
EEElectronic Emission
EE or EEsEmployee -or- Employees
EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
EGEvil Grin
EIPEggo Is Preggo
ELEvil Laugh
ELOLEvil Laugh Out Loud
EMExcuse Me
EMAE-Mail Address
EMBMEarly Morning Business Meeting
EMFBIExcuse Me For Butting In
EMFJIExcuse Me For Jumping In
EMIExcuse My Ignorance
EMLEmail Me Later
EMRTWEvil Monkey’s Rule The World
EMSGE-Mail Message
EODEnd Of Day -or- End Of Discussion
EOLEnd Of Life
EOMEnd Of Message
EOTEnd Of Thread/Text/Transmission
ESADEat Sh** And Die
ESADYFAEat Sh** And Die You F***ing Asshole
ESEMEDEvery Second Every Minute Every Day
ESFOADEat Sh** F***Off And Die
ESGEnvironmental, Social, Governance
ESHExperience, Strength, and Hope
ESMFEat Sh** Mother F***er
ESOEquipment Smarter than Operator
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival -or- Edited To Add
ETLAETLA Extended Three-Letter Acronym (that is, an FLA)
ETXEnd of TeXt
EVRE1Every One
EWIE-mailing While Intoxicated
F2FFace-to-Face, a.k.a. face time
F2FmailFace-to-Face mail
FABFeatures Attributes Benefits
FAFFind A Friend
FAHF***ing A Hot
FAPF***ing A Pissed
FAQLFrequently Asked Questions List
FASBFast Ass Son Bitchii
FATMFoaming At The Mouth
FAWCFor Anyone Who Cares
FAWOMFTFrequently Argued Waste Of My F***ing Time
FAYF*** All Y’all
FBF*** Buddy -or- FaceBook
FBIF***ing Brilliant Idea -or- Female Body Inspector
FBKSFailure Between Keyboard and Seat
FBOCDFacebook Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
FCFSFirst Come, First Served
FCOLFor Crying Out Loud
FDFFFalling Down F***ing Funny
FDGBFall Down Go Boom
FEFatal Error
FEARForget Everything And Run -or- Face Everything And Recover
FFFriends Forever
FF&PNFresh Fields and Pastures New
FFSFor F*** Sake
FGDAIFuhgedaboudit -or- Forget About It
FIFF*** I’m Funny
FIFOFirst In, First Out
FIGJAMF*** I’m Good Just Ask Me
FIGMOF*** It Got My Orders
FIGSFrench, Italian, German, Spanish
FIIKF*** If I Know
FILFFather I’d Like to F***
FILTHFailed In London, Try Hong Kong
FINEF***ed up, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional -or- F*** It Never Ends
FISHFirst in, Still Here
FITBFill In The Blanks
FKMF*** ‘Em
FLAFour Letter Acronym
FLUIDF***ing Look it Up, I Did
FMLF*** My Life
FMLTWIAF*** Me Like The Whore I Am
FMTYEWTKFar More Than You Ever Wanted To Know
FMUTAF*** Me Up The Ass
FNGF***ing New Guy
FOF*** Off
FOADF*** Off And Die
FOAFFriend Of A Friend
FOAGF*** Off And Google
fobthe name for a tool, or form of ID
FOCFree of Charge
FOFLFalling on Floor Laughing
FOGCFear Of Getting Caught
FOLFond of Leather
FOMCFell Off My Chair
FOMCLFalling Off My Chair Laughing
FOMOFear Of Missing Out
FORDFound On Road Dead -or- Fixed Or Repaired Daily -or- F***ed Over Rebuilt Dodge
FOSFull Of Sh**
FOUOFor Official Use Only
FPOFor Placement Only
FREDF***ing Ridiculous Electronic Device
FSFor Sale
FSBOFor Sale By Owner
FSRFor Some Reason
FSUF*** Sh** Up
FTASBFaster Than A Speeding Bullet
FTBOMHFrom The Bottom Of My Heart
FTCFailure To Communicate
FTEFull Time Employee
FTFF*** That’s Funny -or- Face To Face
FTFOIFor The Fun Of It -or- For The F*** Of It
FTLFaster Than Light
FTLOGFor The Love Of God
FTNF*** That Noise
FTRFor The Record
FTRFF*** That’s Really Funny
FTTBFor The Time Being
FTWFor The Win -or- F*** The World
FU2F*** You Too
FUBFat Ugly Bastard
FUBARF***ed Up Beyond All Recognition (or Repair)
FUBBF***ed Up Beyond Belief
FUBYOYOF*** You Buddy You’re On Your Own
FUDFear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation
FUJIMOF*** You Jack I’m Movin’ On
FUMF***ed Up Mess
FUMFFat Ugly Mother F***er
FUPAFat Upper Pussy Area
FURTBFilled Up and Ready To Burst
FUWF*** You World -or- F*** You Weirdo
FWBFriends With Benefits
FWIWFor What It’s Worth -or- Forgot Where I Was
FWOTF***ing Waste Of Time
FYAFor Your Amusement
FYCFor Your Consideration
FYEFor Your Edification
FYEOFor Your Eyes Only
FYFFrom Your Friend
FYIFor Your Information
FYIFVF*** You I’m Fully Vested
FYLTGEFrom Your Lips To Gods Ears
FYMFor Your Misinformation
FYSBIGTBABNFasten Your Seat Belts It’s Going To Be A Bumpy Night
GGuess -or- Grin -or- Giggle
G1Good One
G2GGot to Go
G2GLYSGot To Go Love Ya So
G4IGo For It
G4NGood For Nothing
GAGo Ahead
GABGetting A Beer
GAFLGet A F***ing Life
GAFYKGet Away From Your Keyboard
GAGFIGives A Gay First Impression
GAHOYGet A Hold Of Yourself
GALGet A Life
GALGALGive A Little Get A Little
GALHERGet A Load of Her
GALHIMGet A Load of Him
GANBGetting Another Beer
GAPGot A Pic? -or- Gay Ass People
GASGot A Second?
GBGood Bridge
GBGGreat Big Grin
GBHGreat Big Hug
GBTWGet Back To Work
GCGood Crib
GD&RGrinning, Ducking and Running
GD&RFGrinning, Ducking and Running Fast
GDIGod Damn It -or- God Damn Independent
GDWGrin, Duck and Wave
GFFGo F***ing Figure
GFIGo For It
GFNGone For Now
GFONGood For One Night
GFRGrim File Reaper
GFTDGone For The Day
GFYGood For You -or- Go F*** Yourself -or- Go Find Yourself
GFYMFGo F*** Yourself Mother F***er
GGGood Game -or- Gotta Go -or- Giggling
GGAGood Game All
GGGGGod, God, God, God
GGNGotta Go Now
GGOHGotta Get Out of Here
GGPGotta Go Pee
GGPBLGotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low
GGYGo Google Yourself
GHMGod Help Me
GIGoogle It
GICGift In Crib
GIDKGee I Don’t Know
GIGATTGod Is Good All The Time
GIGOGarbage In, Garbage Out
GILFGrandmother I’d Like to F***
GISTGreat Ideas for Starting Things
GIWISTGee, I Wish I’d Said That
GJGood Job
GJPGood Job Partner
GLGood Luck -or- Get Lost
GLAGood Luck All
GLBGood Looking Boy
GLBTGay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender
GLGGood Looking Girl
GLGHGood Luck and Good Hunting
GLYASDIGod Loves You And So Do I
GMGood Morning -or- Good Move
GMABGive Me A Break
GMAFBGive Me A F***ing Break
GMILYGood Morning I Love You
GMTAGreat Minds Think Alike
GMTA ASDOGreat Minds Think Alike, And So Do Ours
GMTFTGreat Minds Think For Themselves
GNGood Night
gn8good night
GNBLFYGot Nothing But Love For You
GNOCGet Naked On Cam
GNSGangNam Style
GNSDGood Night Sweet Dreams
GOBGame On B*tcheeez
GOIGet Over It
GOKGod Only Knows
GOLGiggling Out Loud
GOLFGrateful Of Lovely Family -or- Friends
GOOD jobGet Out Of Debt job
GOSGay Or Straight
GOTDPWYDGet Off The Damn Phone While You’re Driving
GOWIGet On With It
GOYHHGet Off Your High Horse
GQMFGentleman’s Quarterly Mother F***er
GR&DGrinning Running & Ducking
GR2BRGood Riddance To Bad Rubbish
GRASGenerally Recognized As Safe
GROBRGood Riddance Of Bad Rubbish
grrlzgirls, also seen as grrl
GSCGimme Some Credit
GSOASGo Sit On A Snake
GSOHGood Sense Of Humor
GSWGun Shot Wound
GSYJDWURMNKHGood Seeing You, Just Don’t Wear Your Monkey Hat
GTGood Try
GTASCGoing To A Strip Club
GTFOGet The F*** Out
GTFOOHGet The F*** Out Of Here
GTGGot To Go
GTGBGot To Go Bye
GTGPGot To Go Pee
GTHGo To Hell
GTKGood To Know
GTMGiggle To Myself
GTRMGoing To Read Mail
GTSGoogle That Sh**
GTSYGlad To See You
GUDGeographically UnDesirable
guvmentgovernment, also seen as guvmint, gumint
GWIGet With It
GWOTGlorified Waste Of Time
GWSGet Well Soon
GYHOOYAGet Your Head Out Of Your Ass
GYPOGet Your Pants Off
H&KHugs and Kisses
h/oHold On
h/pHold Please
H2SHere To Stay
H4UHot For You
H4XX0RHacker -or- To Be Hacked
H9Husband in room
HADVDHave Advised
hag1have a good one
HAGDHave a Great Day
HAGNHave A Good Night
HAGOHave A Good One
hahahait means laughing
HAKHugs And Kisses
HANDHave a Nice Day
HARHit And Run
HAWTLWHello And Welcome To Last Week
HAYHow Are You?
HBHurry Back
HBASTDHitting Bottom And Starting To Dig
HBBHip Beyond Belief
HBIBHot But Inappropriate Boy
HBICHead Bitch In Charge
HBOHelping a Brother Out
HBUHow Bout You?
HCCHoly Computer Crap
HDGFSHow Does Get F***ed Sound?
HFHello Friend -or- Have Fun -or- Have Faith
HHFOHell Has Frozen Over
HHHHip Hip Hooray
HHISHanging Head In Shame
HHO1/2KHa Ha, Only Half Kidding
HHOJHa-Ha, Only Joking
HHOKHa Ha, Only Kidding
HHOSHa-Ha, Only Serious
HHTYAYHappy Holidays To You And Yours
Hi 5High Five
HIGHow’s It Going?
HIHHope It Helps
HIOOCHelp, I’m Out Of Coffee
HITAKSHang In There And Keep Smiling
HMFICHead MOFO In Charge
HMUHit Me Up
HNTIHow Nice That/This Is
HNTWHow Nice That Was
HNYHappy New Year
HOHang On -or- Hold On
HOHAHOllywood HAcker
HOICHold On, I’m Coming
HOT PICHot Picture, as in sexy or naked
HOYEWHanging On Your Every Word
HPHigher Power
HPOAHot Piece Of Ass
HPPOHighest Paid Person in Office
HSIABHaven’t Seen It All Before
HSIKHow Should I Know
HTHi There -or- Hat Tip
HTBHang The Bastards
HTHHope This (or That) Helps
HTNOTHHit The Nail On The Head
HUHook Up
HUAHeads Up Ace -or- Head Up Ass -or- Heard, Understood, Acknowledged
HUDHow You Doing?
HUYAHead Up Your Ass
HWGAHere We Go Again
hxit means history -or- hospital
I 1-D-RI Wonder
I <3 II Love It
I <3 UI Love You
i h8 iti hate it
I&IIntercourse & Inebriation
IACIn Any Case -or- I Am Confused -or- If Anyone Cares
IAEIn Any Event
IAGTKOMI Ain’t Got That Kind Of Money
IAITSIt’s All In The Subject
IANACI Am Not A Crook
IANADBIPOOTVI Am Not A Doctor But I Play One On TV
IANAEI Am Not An Expert
IANALI Am Not A Lawyer
IANNNGCI Am Not Nurturing the Next Generation of Casualties
IASAP4UI Always Say A Prayer For You
IATI Am Tired
IAWI Agree With -or- In Accordance With
IAYMI Am Your Master
IBGYBGI’ll Be Gone, You’ll Be Gone
IBIWISII’ll Believe It When I See It
IBKIdiot Behind Keyboard
IBRBI’ll Be Right Back
IBTIn Between Technology
IBTCItty Bitty Titty Committee
IBTDI Beg To Differ
IBTLIn Before The Lock
ICIndependant Contractor -or- In Character -or- I See
ICBWI Could Be Wrong
ICBWICBMIt Could Be Worse, It Could Be Me
ICIHICPCLI Can’t Imagine How I Could Possibly Care Less
ICWI Can’t Wait
ICYCIn Case You’re Curious -or- In Case You Care
ICYMIIn Case You Missed It
IDCI Don’t Care
IDGADI Don’t Give A Damn
IDGAFI Don’t Give A F***
IDGARAI Don’t Give A Rats Ass
IDGII Don’t Get It -or- I Don’t Get Involved
IDIFTLI Did It For The Lulz
IDKI Don’t Know
IDK, my BFF JillI Don’t Know, my Best Friend Forever Jill
IDKABTTI Don’t Know About That
IDKYI Don’t Know You
IDMIt Doesn’t Matter
IDRKI Don’t Really Know
IDSTI Didn’t Say That
IDTAI Did That Already
IDTBBFI Deserve To Be Blown First
IDTSI Don’t Think So
IDWTUBI Don’t Want To Upset You But
IEFIt’s Esther’s Fault
IF/IBIn the Front -or- In the Back
IFABI Found A Bug
IFUI F***ed Up
IGGPI Gotta Go Pee
IGTPI Get The Point
IGWSIt Goes Without Saying
IGWSTIt Goes Without Saying That
IGYHTBTI Guess You Had To Be There
IHAI Hate Acronyms
IHAIMI Have Another Instant Message
IHNCI Have No Clue
IHNOI Have No Opinion
IHTFPI Have Truly Found Paradise -or- I Hate This F***ing Place
IHUI Hear You
IIABDFIIf It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It
IIIOIntel Inside, Idiot Outside
IIMADIf It Makes Any Difference
IINMIf I’m Not Mistaken
IIRIf I Remember -or- If I Recall
IIRCIf I Remember Correctly -or- If I Recall Correctly
IITIs It Tight?
IITLYTOIf It’s Too Loud You’re Too Old
IITMIt’s In The Mail
IITYWIMWYBMADIf I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A Drink
IITYWYBMADIf I Tell You Will You Buy Me A Drink
IIWIIIt Is What It Is
IIWMIf It Were Me
IJInside Joke
IJPMPI Just Pissed My Pants
IJSI’m Just Saying…
IJWTKI Just Want To Know
IJWTSI Just Want To Say
IKALOPLTI Know A Lot Of People Like That
IKRI Know, Right?
IKWYMI Know What You Mean
IKYABWAII Know You Are But What Am I?
ILAI Love Acronyms
ILF/MDI Love Female/Male Dominance
ILII Love It
ILICISCOMKI Laughed, I Cried, I Spat/Spilt Coffee/Crumbs/Coke On My Keyboard
ILMJI Love My Job
ILUI Love You
ILUAAFI Love You As A Friend
ILYI Love You
ILY2I Like/Love You Too
IMInstant Messaging -or- Immediate Message
IM2BZ2PI aM Too Busy To (even) Pee
IMAI Might Add
IMAOIn My Arrogant Opinion
IMCOIn My Considered Opinion
IMEIn My Experience
IMEZRUI Am Easy, Are You?
IMFAOIn My F***ing Arrogant Opinion
IMGCI Might Get Caught
IMHEIUOIn My High Exalted Informed Unassailable Opinion
IMHIFI Move How I Feel
IMHOIn My Humble Opinion
IMJSI’M Just Saying
IMMLI Make Myself Laugh
IMNERHOIn My Never Even Remotely Humble Opinion
IMNSHOIn My Not So Humble Opinion
IMOIn My Opinion
IMOOIn My Own Opinion
IMOWHAI Made Out With Him/Her Anyway
IMPOVIn My Point Of View
IMRI Mean Really
IMRUI Am, Are You?
IMSI Am Sorry
INBDIt’s No Big Deal
INMPIt’s Not My Problem
INNWIf Not Now When?
INPOIn No Particular Order
INUCOSMIt’s No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk
IOHI’m Outta Here
IONIndex Of Names
IONOI Don’t Know
IOTIn Order To
IOTTCOIntuitively Obvious To The Casual Observer
IOUI Owe You
IOUDInside, Outside, Upside Down
IOWIn Other Words
IPNI’m Posting Naked
IRLIn Real Life
IRNCOTI’d Rather Not Comment On That
ISAGNI See A Great Need
ISHInsert Sarcasm Here
ISOIn Search Of
ISSI Said So -or- I’m So Sure
ISSOYSI’m So Sick Of Your Stuff -or- S*** -or- Stories
ISSYGTII’m So Sure You Get The Idea
ISTMIt Seems To Me
ISTRI Seem To Remember
ISWCIf Stupid Were a Crime
ISWYMI See What You Mean
ISYALSI’ll Send You A Letter Soon
ITAI Totally Agree
ITFAIn The Final Analysis
ITIGBSI Think I’m Going To Be Sick
ITMIn The Money
ITMAIt’s That Man Again
ITSIntense Text Sex
ITS A D8It’s A Date
ITSFWIIf The Shoe Fits Wear It
IUMIf You Must
IURIIf You Are Interested
IWALUI Will Always Love You
IWBAPTAKYAIYSTAI Will Buy A Plane Ticket And Kick Your Ass If You Say That Again
IWBNIIt Would Be Nice If
IWFUI Wanna F*** You
IWIWUI Wish I Was You
IWSNI Want Sex Now
IYAMIf You Ask Me
IYAOYASIf You Ain’t Ordinance You Ain’t Sh**
IYCSSNASDSAAAIf You Can’t Say Something Nice About Someone Don’t Say Anything At All
IYDIn Your Dreams
IYDMMAIf You Don’t Mind My Asking
IYFDIn Your F***ing Dreams
IYFEGInsert Your Favorite Ethnic Group
IYKWIMIf You Know What I Mean
IYKWIMAITYDIf You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do
IYOIn Your Opinion
IYQI Like You
IYSSIf You Say So
IYSWIMIf You See What I Mean
J/CJust Checking
J/JJust Joking
J/KJust Kidding
J/OJerking Off
J/PJust Playing
J/WJust Wondering
J2LYKJust To Let You Know
J4FJust For Fun
J4GJust For Grins
J4T or JFTJust For Today
J5MJust Five Minutes
JADJust Another Day
JAFOJust Another F***ing Onlooker
JAFSJust A F***ing Salesman
JAMJust A Minute
JASJust A Second
JCJust Curious -or- Just Chilling -or- Jesus Christ
JDIJust Do It
JDMJJust Doing My Job
JEOMKJust Ejaculated On My Keyboard
JFHJust F*** Her
JFIJust For Information
JGMBJust Google Me B*tch
JHOJust Helping Out
JHOMJust Helping out My (Mafia, Mob, Neighbors, etc.)
JHOMFJust Helping Out My Friend(s)
JICJust In Case
JKJust Kidding
JM2CJust My 2 Cents
JMOJust My Opinion
JOOTTJust One Of Those Things
JPJust Playing
JSUJust Shut Up
JSYKJust So You Know
JTJust Teasing
JTLYKJust To Let You Know
JTOLJust Thinking Out Loud
JTOUJust Thinking Of You
JUADLAMJumping Up And Down Like A Monkey
JWJust Wondering
KABKick Ass Bitch
KBKick Butt
KCCOKeep Calm & Carry On
kewlit means cool
KFY -or- K4YKiss For You
KHYFKnow How You Feel
KIAKilled In Action
KIBOKnowledge In, Bullsh** Out
KIPPERSKids In Parents’ Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings
KIRKeep It Real
KISSKeep It Simple Stupid
KITKeep In Touch
kittycode word for vagina
KITYKeep It To Yourself
KKKiss Kiss -or- OK
KKKit means «over» as in, waiting for your reply
KMAKiss My Ass
KMBAKiss My Black Ass
KMFHAKiss My Fat Hairy Ass
KMPKeep Me Posted
KMRIAKiss My Royal Irish Arse
KMSLAKiss My Shiny Little Ass
KMUFKiss Me You Fool
KMWAKiss My White Ass
KOKnocked Out
KOTCKiss On The Cheek
KOTLKiss On The Lips
KPCKeeping Parents Clueless
KSKill Stealer
kudtDutch for f***ed up life
KUTGWKeep Up The Good Work
KWIMKnow What I Mean?
KWSTAKiss With Serious Tongue Action
KYBCKeep Your Bum Clean
KYFCKeep Your Fingers Crossed
KYNCKeep Your Nose Clean
KYPOKeep Your Pants On
KYSOTIKeep Your Stick On The Ice
L&RLove and Respect
L/MLeft Message
L?^Let’s hook up
[email protected]Laughing At You -or- Laughing About You
LABATYDLife’s A Bitch And Then You Die
LAFWListening (but) Away From Window
LAGNAFLets All Get Naked And F***
LAOJLaughing At Own Joke
LAQLame Ass Quote
LB?W/CLike Bondage? Whips or Chains
LBR and LGRLittle Boy’s Room and Little Girl’s Room
LBSLaughing But Serious
LBUG or LBIGLaughing Because You’re Gay -or- Laughing Because I’m Gay
LDLong Distance -or- Later Dude
LDIMEDILLIGAFLook Deeply Into My Eyes, Does It Look Like I Give A F***
LDRLong Distance Relationship
LDTTWALet’s Do The Time Warp Again
LFLet’s F***
LFTILooking Forward To It
LFULife»s F***ed Up
LGLife’s Good -or- Long Gone
LGBTLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender
LGMASLord Give Me A Sign
LHLaughing Hysterically
LH6Let’s Have Sex
LHKLove Hugs Kisses
LHMLord Have Mercy
LHOLaughing Head Off
LHOSLets Have Online Sex
LHSOLet’s Have Sex Online
LHULet’s Hook Up
LIBLying In Bed
LIFOLast In, First Out
LIGLet It Go
LIRLet It Rest
LISLaughing In Silence
LJBFLet’s Just Be Friends
LKITRLittle Kid In The Room
LLLivin’ Large
LLAPLive Long and Prosper
LLOMLike Leno on Meth
LLTLooks Like Trouble
LLTALots and Lots of Thunderous Applause
LM46Let’s Meet For Sex
LM4a~##zzzz>Let’s Meet For A Joint
LMAOLaughing My Ass Off
LMBAOLaughing My Black Ass Off
LMBPOLaughing My Booty Pop Off
LMFAOLaughing My F***ing Ass Off
LMHOLaughing My Head Off
LMIRLLet’s Meet In Real Life
LMKLet Me Know
LMKHTWOFYLet Me Know How That Works Out For You
LMOALeft a Message On your Answering machine
LMSOLaughing My Socks Off
LMTALike Minds Think Alike
LMTCLeft a Message To Contact
LMTCBLeft Message To Call Back
LOBLying On Bed
LOKLots Of Kisses
LOLLaughing Out Loud -or- Lots Of Love -or- Living On Lipitor
LOL WUSSLaugh Out Loud With Unintentional Snort Sound
LOLALaugh Out Loud Again
LOLROTF&ICGULaughing Out Loud Rolling On The Floor & I Can’t Get Up
LOLZLots Of Laughs
LOMBARDLots Of Money But A Right Dick
LOMLLove Of My Life
LONHLights On, Nobody Home
LOOLLaughing Outrageously Out Loud
LOOMMLaughing Out Of My Mind
LOPSODLong On Promises, Short On Delivery
LORELearn Once, Repeat Everywhere
LOULaughing Over You
LOVELots Of Voluntary Effort
LPCLead Pipe Cinch
LPOSLazy Piece Of Sh**
LRFLittle Rubber Feet
LSBLife Sucks Balls
LSHITIPALLaughing So Hard I Think I Peed A Little
LSHMBHLaughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
LSVLanguage, Sex, Violence
LTFLick The Floor
LTHTTLaughing Too Hard To Type
LTICLaughing ‘Til I Cry
LTIOLaughing Til I Orgasm
LTMLaughing To Myself
LTNSLong Time No See
LTNTLong Time, No Type
LTRLong Term Relationship
LTSLaughing to Self
LTTICLook The Teacher Is Coming
LULULocally Undesireable Land Use
lulzlaughs or LulzSec
LUMTPLove You More Than Pie
LUMULove You Miss You
LUMUMILove You Miss You Mean It
LUSMLove You So Much
LWRLaunch When Ready
LWULaughing With You
LWYSLook What You Started
LYLove You
LY4ELove You Forever
LYALove You All
LYBLove You Babe
LYCYLBBLove You, See You Later, Bye Bye
LYKYAMYLove You, Kiss You, Already Miss You
LYLLove You Lots
LYLABLove You Like a Brother
LYLASLove You Like A Sister
LYLBLove You Later Bye
LYMILove You, Mean It
LYSOUAQLearn Your Sh** Or Up And Quit
LYWAMHLove You With All My Heart
M2NYMe Too, Not Yet
M4CMeet for Coffee
M4MMen for Men -or- Male for Male
m4wmen for women
M8 or M8sMate -or- Mates
MAMature Audience
MAYAMost Advanced Yet Accessible
MBMessage Board
MBNMust Be Nice
MBRFNMust Be Real F***ing Nice
MCMMan Crush Monday
MDDoctor of Medicine -or- Managing Director
MDRMort De Rire
MEGOMy Eyes Glaze Over
mehWho cares, whatever
MEJRMy Eyes Just Rolled
MFMy Friend
MFDMulti-Function Device
MfGMit freundlichen Gruessen
MFICMother F***er In Charge
MFRCMy Fingers Are Crossed
MFWICMother F***er Who’s In Charge
MHBFYMy Heart Bleeds For You
mhhmuh huh -or- yeah
MHOTYMy Hat’s Off To You
MHYFMove How You Feel
MIAMissing In Action
MIHMake It Happen
MIHAPMay I Have Your Attention Please
MILFMother I’d Like to F***
MIRLMeet In Real Life
MITINMore Info Than I Needed
MKOPMy Kind Of Place
MLAMultiple Letter Acronym
MLASMy Lips Are Sealed
mlmgiving the digital middle finger
MMMarket Maker -or- Merry Meet
MMHA2UMy Most Humble Apologies To You
mmkmmm ok
MMLMade Me Laugh
MMYTMail Me Your Thoughts
MOMove On
MOFMatter Of Fact
MOFOMother F***er
MOOMud Object-Oriented -or- Matter Of Opinion -or- My Opinion Only
MOOCMassive Open Online Course
MOOSMember Of The Opposite Sex
MOPMOment Please
MorFMale or Female
MOSMom Over Shoulder
MOSSMember(s) Of The Same Sex
MOTASMember Of The Appropriate Sex
MOTDMessage Of The Day
MOTOSMember(s) Of The Opposite Sex
MOTSSMember(s) Of The Same Sex
MPFBMy Personal F*** Buddy
MRAMoving Right Along
MRPHMail the Right Place for Help
MSMDMonkey See Monkey Do
MSNUWMini-Skirt No UnderWear
MSTAMust See To Appreciate
MSTMMakes Sense To Me
MTempty -or- Modified Tweet
MTBFMean Time Before Failure
MTFMore To Follow
MTFBWYMay The Force Be With You
MTLAMy True Love Always
MTMMFBWYMay the Micky Mouse Force Be With You
MTSBWYMay The Schwartz Be With You
MTSITNMore Than Ships In The Night
MUAH or MWAHThe sound of a kiss
MUBARMessed up Beyond All Recognition
MUSLMissing You Sh** Loads
MUSMMiss You So Much
MVAMotor Vehicle Accident
MVA no PIMotor Vehicle Accident with no Personal Injury
MVA w/PIMotor Vehicle Accident with Personal Injury
MWBRLMore Will Be Revealed Later
MWSMy Wife Says
MYLMind Your Language
MYOBMind Your Own Business
N picNice picture
N-A-Y-LIn A While
N/ANot Applicable -or- Not Affiliated
N/MNothing Much
N/TNo Text
N1Nice One
N2MNot To Mention -or- Not Too Much
N2MJCHBUNot Too Much Just Chillin, How Bout You?
NABNot A Blonde
NADTNot A Damn Thing
NAGBNearly Almost A Good Bridge
NAKNursing At Keyboard
NALOPKTNot A Lot Of People Know That
NAMAILUNot As Much As I Love You
NASCARNon-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks
NATONo Action, Talk Only
NAVYNever Again Volunteer Yourself
NAZName, Address, Zip (also means Nasdaq)
NBNota Bene
NB4TNot Before Time
NBDNo Big Deal
NBFABNot Bad For A Beginner
NBFABSNot Bad For A Bot Stopper
NBGNo Bloody Good
NBIFNo Basis In Fact
NBLFYNothing But Love For You
NBSNo Bull Sh**
NCNice Crib
NCGNew College Graduate
NDNo Date
ne14kfcanyone for KFC?
ne1eranyone here?
Ne2HNeed To Have
NEETNot currently Engaged in Employment, Education, or Training
NESECAny Second
NEVNeighborhood Electric Vehicle
NEWSNorth, East, West, South
NFBSKNot For British School Kids
NFCNot Favorably Considered -or- No F***ing Chance
NFENo F***ing Excuses
NFFNo F***ing Fair
NFGNot F***ing Good
NFINo F***ing Idea
NFSNeed For Sex -or- Network File System
NFWNo F***ing Way -or- No Feasible Way
NGNew Game
NGBNearly Good Bridge
NGHNot Gonna Happen
NHNice Hand
NHOHNever Heard Of Him/Her
NI4NIAn Eye For Any Eye
NICENonsense In Crappy Existence
NIFOCNude In Front Of The Computer
NIGYYSOBNow I’ve Got You, You Son Of a B*tch
NIHNot Invented Here
NIMNo Internal Message
NIMBYNot In My Back Yard
NIMJDNot In My Job Description
NIMQNot In My Queue
NIMYNever In A Million Years
NINONothing In, Nothing Out -or- No Input, No Output
NISMNeed I Say More
NITLNot In This Lifetime
NIYWFDNot In Your Wildest F***ing Dreams
NJAPFNot Just Another Pretty Face
NLLNice Little Lady
NLTBRUNot Likely To Be Run Over
NMNever Mind -or- Nothing Much -or Not Much -or- Nice Move
nm, unot much, you?
NMHNot Much Here
NMHJCNot Much Here, Just Chilling
NMPNot My Problem
NMTENow More Than Ever
NMUNot Much, You?
NNNot Now -or- Need
NNCIMINTFZNot Now Chief, I’m In The F ***in’ Zone
NNRNeed Not Respond
nnshnight night sweet heart
NNWWNudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink
NONot Online
no prawno problem
NOANot Online Anymore
NOFINo OFfence Intended
noobalso seen as: n00b -or- nub -or- no0blet
NOSNew Old Stock -or- Not Outside Sales
NOYNot Online Yet
NOYBNone Of Your Business
NPNo Problem -or- Nosy Parents
NQANo Questions Asked
NQOCDNot Quite Our Class Dear
NRNice Roll
NRNNo Reply Necessary
NSNice Set -or- No Show
NSANo Strings Attached
NSBNot Sure But
NSFWNot Safe For Work
NSSNo Sh** Sherlock
NSTLCNeed Some Tender Loving Care
NTANot This Again
NTABOMNow That’s A Bunch Of Malarkey
NTBNot Too Bright
NTBNNo Text Back Needed
NTIMNot That It Matters
NTIMMNot That It Matters Much
NTKNice To Know
NTMNot That Much
NTMUNice To Meet You
NTTAWWTNot That There’s Anything Wrong With That
NTWNot To Worry
NTYMINow That You Mention It
NUBNew person to a site or game
NVMNeVer Mind
NVNGNothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
NWNo Way
NWALNerd Without A Life
NWOTNew WithOut Tags
NWRNot Work Related
NWTNew With Tags
NYCNot Your Concern
NYCFSNew York City Finger Salute
OOpponent -or- Over
OAOOver And Out
OATUSOn A Totally Unrelated Subject
OAUSOn An Unrelated Subject
OBEOvercome By Events
OBOOr Best Offer
OBTWOh By The Way
OBXOld Battle Axe
OCOriginal Character -or- Own Character
OCDObsessive Compulsive Disorder
ODTAAOne Damn Thing After Another
OFOld Fart
OFAPOld Fart At Play
ofcof course
OGOriginal Gangsta
OICOh, I See
OICU812Oh I See, You Ate One Too
OIRWISOh I Remember What I Said
OKokay -or- all correct
OLOld Lady
OLLOnLine Love
OLNOnLine Netiquette
OLOOnly Laughed Once
OMOld Man
OMBOh My Buddha
OMDBOver My Dead Body
OMEOh My Evolution
OMFGOh My F***ing God
OMGOh My God
OMIKOpen Mouth, Insert Keyboard
OMLOh My Lord
OMWOn My Way -or- Oh My Word
OMWTOn My Way Too
ONIDOh No I Didn’t
ONNAOh No, Not Again
ONNTAOh No, Not This Again
ONUDOh No You Didn’t
OOOver and Out
OOAKOne Of A Kind
OOCOut Of Character -or- Out Of Control
OOFOut Of Facility
OOIOut Of Interest
OOOOut Of Office -or- Out Of Commission
OOSOut Of Stock
OOTOut Of Touch
OOTBOut Of The Box -or- Out Of The Blue
OOTCObligatory On Topic Comment
OSIFOh Sh** I Forgot
OSINTOTOh Sh** I Never Thought Of That
OSTOn Second Thought
OTOff Topic
OTASOICOwing To A Slight Oversight In Construction
OTCOver The Counter
OTFOff The Floor -or- On The phone (Fone)
OTHOff The Hook
OTLOut To Lunch
OTOHOn The Other Hand
OTPOn The Phone
OTROn The Road
OTSOn The Scene -or- On The Spot -or- Off The Shelf
OTTOver The Top
OTTOMHOff The Top Of My Head
OTWOff The Wall -or- Otherwise
OUSUOh You Shut Up
OWTTEOr Words To That Effect
P&CPrivate & Confidential
P/UPick Up
P2C2EProcess Too Complicated Too Explain
P2U4URAQTPPeace To You For You Are A Cutie Pie
P911Parent Alert
PAParent Alert
PALParents Are Listening -or- Peace And Love
PANSPretty Awesome New Stuff
PAWParents Are Watching
PBPotty Break
PBBParent Behind Back
PBEMPlay By EMail
PBIABPay Back Is A Bitch
PBJPeanut Butter and Jelly -or- Pretty Boy Jock
PCPersonal Computer -or- Politically Correct
PCMPlease Call Me
PCMCIAPeople Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms
PDPublic Domain
PDAPersonal Digital Assistant -or- Public Display of Affection
PDOMAPulled Directly Out Of My Ass
PDQPretty Darn Quick
PDSPlease Don’t Shout
PEBCACProblem Exists Between Chair And Computer
PEBCAKProblem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PEEPPeople Engaged and Empowered for Peace
pen15it stands for penis
PFAPulled From Ass -or- Please Find Attached
PFCPretty F***ing Cold
PFMPure F***ing Magic
phatPretty Hot And Tempting
PHBPointy Haired Boss
PHSPointy Haired Stupidvisor
PIAPSPig In A Pant Suit
PIBKACProblem Is Between Keyboard And Chair
PICNICProblem In Chair, Not In Computer
PIFPaid In Full
PIMPPeeing In My Pants
PIMPLPeeing In My Pants Laughing
PINPerson In Need -or- Personal Identification Number
PIRParent In Room
PITAPain In The Ass
PITMEMBOAMPeace In The Middle East My Brother Of Another Mother
pixpictures -or- photos
PLOPeace, Love, Out
PLOKTAPress Lots Of Keys To Abort
PLOSParents Looking Over Shoulder
PLUPeople Like Us
PMPersonal Message -or- Private Message
PMBIPardon My Butting In
PMFPardon My French
PMFJIPardon Me For Jumping In
PMIGBOMPut Mind In Gear Before Opening Mouth
PMJIPardon My Jumping In
PMLPissing Myself Laughing
PMPPeeing My Pants
PMSLPissed MySelf Laughing
PNATMBCPay No Attention To Man Behind the Curtain
PNATTMBTCPay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain
PNCAHPlease, No Cursing Allowed Here
PNDPossibly Not Definitely -or- Personal Navigation Device
POPiss Off
POAHFPut On A Happy Face
POAKPassed Out At Keyboard
POMSParent Over My Shoulder
PONAPerson Of No Account
POPPhoto On Profile, Point Of Purchase, Point Of Presence, Post Office Protocol
POSParent Over Shoulder -or- Piece Of Sh**
POSCPiece Of Sh** Computer
POSSLQPersons of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters
POTATOPerson Over Thirty Acting Twenty One
POTSPlain Old Telephone System -or- Pat On The Shoulder
POTUSPresident of the United States
POVPoint Of View
PPPersonal Problem
PPLPeople -or- pay-per-lead -or- pay per lead
PPPPPPP or 7PPrior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
PRTPartial ReTweet -or- Partial Retweet
PRWParents Are Watching
PSPost Script
PSAPublic Service Announcement
PSOProduct Superior to Operator
PTHPrime Tanning Hours
PTLPraise The Lord
PTMMPlease Tell Me More
PTOYEDPlease Turn Off Your Electronic Devices
PTPPardon The Pun
PTPOPPat The Pissed Off Primate
PUThat Stinks
PVPPlayer Versus Player
PWASPrayer Wheels Are Spinning
PWCBPerson Will Call Back
pwmsplaying with myself
PWOMSParent Watching Over My Shoulder
PWPPlot, What Plot?
PYFBPay Your F***ing Bill
QQueue -or- Question
Q2CQuick To Cum
QCQuality Control
QFTQuoted For Truth -or- Quit F***ing Talking
QLQuit Laughing
QOTDQuote Of The Day
QQQuick Question -or- Cry More
QSQuit Scrolling
QTCutie -or- Quiet
QYBQuit Your Bitching
r u da?Are You There?
r u goinare you going?
R U there?Are you there?
R&DResearch & Development
R&RRest & Relaxation
RAEBNCRead And Enjoyed, But No Comment
RAFRandom As F***
RAFORead And Find Out
RATRemotely Activated Trojan -or- Remote Access Tool
[email protected]Right Back at Ya
RBAYRight Back At You
RBTLRead Between The Lines
RBURainbows, Butterflies, Unicorns
RCRemote Control
RCIRectal Cranial Inversion
RERegards -or- Reply -or- Hello Again
REHIHi Again
RFDRequest For Discussion
RFPRequest For Proposal
RFRReally F***ing Rich
RFSReally F***ing Soon
RHIPRank Has Its Privileges
RHKRoundHouse Kick
RIMJSReally I’M Just Saying
RIYLRecommended If You Like
RKBARight to Keep and Bear Arms
RLReal Life
RLCOReal Life Conference
RLFReal Life Friend
RMBRings My Bell
RMETTHRolling My Eyes To The Heavens
RMLBRead My Lips Baby
RMMAReading My Mind Again
RMMMRead My Mail Man
RNRight Now
RNNReply Not Necessary
ROFLRolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLMAORolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off
ROFLMAOASTCRolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off And Scaring The Cat
RORRaffing Out Roud (in scooby-doo dialect)
ROTFLRolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLMAORolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
ROTFLMFAORolling On The Floor Laughing My F***ing Ass Off
ROTFLOLRolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROTGLRolling On The Ground Laughing
ROTGLMAORolling On The Ground Laughing My Ass Off
ROTMRight On The Money
RPGRole Playing Games
RRQReturn Receipt reQuested
RRRhaR haR haR (instead of LOL)
RSNReal Soon Now
RSVPRepondez S’il Vous Plait
RTReal Time -or- ReTweet -or- Retweet
RTBReturning To Base (home)
RTBMRead The Bloody Manual
RTBSReason To Be Single
RTFFRead The F***ing FAQ
RTFMRead The F***ing Manual
RTFQRead The F***ing Question
RTHRelease The Hounds
RTKReturn To Keyboard
RTM or RTFMRead The Manual -or- Read The F***ing Manual
RTSRead The Screen
RTSMRead The Silly Manual
RTSSRead The Screen Stupid
RTTSDRight Thing To Say Dude
RTWFQRead The Whole F***ing Question
RUAre You?
RU/18Are You Over 18?
RUFKMAre You F***ing Kidding Me?
RUHAre You Horny?
RUMCYMHMDAre You on Medication Cause You Must Have Missed a Dose?
RUMORFAre You Male OR Female?
RUNTSAre You Nuts?
RUSAre You Serious?
RUSOSAre You SOS (in trouble)?
RUTAre You There?
RUUP4ITAre You Up For It?
RU\18Are You Under 18?
RYFMRead Your Friendly Manual
RYORoll Your Own
RYSRead Your Screen
S2RSend To Receive
S2USame To You
S3<==8screwed in the ass
S4BSh** for Brains
S4LSpam For Life
SADADSuck A Dick And Die
SAHMStay At Home Mom
SAIAStupid Asses In Action
SANMStarting A New Message
SAPFUSurpassing All Previous Foul Ups
SBStand By
SBISorry ‘Bout It
SBTASorry, Being Thick Again
SBUGSmall Bald Unaudacious Goal
SCNRSorry, Could Not Resist
SCUICHTSo Coked Up I Can Hardly Type
SDFBSmoke Dope F*** B*tches
SDKScottie Doesn’t Know -or- Software Developer’s Kit
secwait a second
SEDSaid Enough Darling
SEGSh** Eating Grin
SEPSomebody Else’s Problem
SETESmiling Ear To Ear
SEWAGScientifically Engineered Wild Ass Guess
SFSurfer Friendly -or- Science Fiction
SFAIAASo Far As I Am Aware
SFBSh** For Brains
SFETESmiling From Ear To Ear
SFLAStupid Four Letter Acronym
SFPSorry For Partying
SFTTMStop F***ing Talking To Me
SFXSound Effects -or- Stage Effects
SGTMSounds Good To Me
SHSh** Happens
SHBShould Have Been
SHIDSlap Head In Disgust
SHMILYSee How Much I Love You
SHTFSh** Hits The Fan
SHWASLOMFSitting Here With A Straight Look On My Face
SIASay It Again
SICSpelling Is Correct
SICLSitting In Chair Laughing
SICSSitting In Chair Snickering
SIISeriously Impaired Imagination
SINStop It Now
SIPSkiing In Powder
SITStay In Touch
SITCOMSingle Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage
SITDStill In The Dark
SIUPSuck It Up Pussy
SIUYAShove It Up Your Ass
SJStrong Jaws
SLSecond Life
SLAPSounds Like A Plan
SLAWSounds Like A Winner
SLIRKSmart Little Rich Kid
SLMSee Last Mail
SLOMSticking Leeches On Myself
SLTSomething Like That
SMSenior Moment
SMAIMSend Me An Instant Message
SMAOSweating My Ass Off
SMBSuck My Balls
SMESubject Matter Expert
SMEMSend Me E-Mail
SMHShaking My Head
SMIMSend Me an Instant Message
SMOPSmall Matter of Programming
SNSide Note
SNAFUSituation Normal, All F***ed Up
SNAGSensitive New Age Guy
SNERTSnotty Nosed Egotistical Rotten Teenager
SOSignificant Other
SOBSon Of a B*tch
SOBTStressed Out Big Time
SODDISome Other Dude Did It
SOEStart Of Exams
SOGOPSh** Or Get Off the Pot
SOHSense Of Humor
SOHFSense Of Humor Failure
SOISelf Owning Idiot
SOIARSit On It And Rotate
SoICSo I See
sokit’s ok
SOLSh** Out of Luck
solomoSocial, Local, Mobile
SOMFSit On My Face
SOMYSick Of Me Yet
SOOYASnake Out Of Your Ass
SOPStandard Operating Procedure
SorGStraight or Gay
SOSSame Old Sh** -or- help
SOSADSame Old Song And Dance
SOTShort On Time
SOTMGShort On Time, Must Go
SOWSpeaking Of Which -or- Statement Of Work
SPOCSingle Point Of Contact
SRLBSpoiled Rotten Little Brat
SROStanding Room Only
SSAAss Backwards
SSCSuper Sexy Cute
SSDDSame Sh** Different Day
SSEWBASomeday Soon, Everything Will Be Acronyms
SSIASubject Says It All
STBXSoon To Be Ex
STBYSucks To Be You
STDSeal The Deal, Save The Date, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Stuff To Do
STFUShut The F*** Up
STFWSearch The F***ing Web
STMSpank The Monkey
STMLShort Term Memory Loss
STPPYNOZGTWStop Picking Your Nose, Get To Work
STSSo To Speak
STSTSweet Tea SweeTie
STWSearch The Web
STYSSpeak To You Soon
SUShut Up
SUACSh** Up A Creek
SUAKMShut Up And Kiss Me
SUFISuper Finger -or- Shut Up F***ing Imbecile
SUFIDScrewing Up Face In Disgust
SULSnooze You Lose
supwhat’s up?
SUYFShut Up You Fool
SWAGScientific Wild Ass Guess -or- SoftWare And Giveaways
SWAKSealed (or Sent) With A Kiss
SWALBCAKWSSealed With A Lick Because A Kiss Won’t Stick
SWALKSealed With A Loving Kiss
SWDYTSo What Do You Think?
SWFSingle White Female
SWIMSee What I Mean?
SWISSee What I’m Saying
SWITSit and Sweat
SWLScreaming With Laughter
SWMBOShe Who Must Be Obeyed
SWUSo What’s Up
SxEStraight Edge
SYKSo You Know
SYLSee You Later
SYSSee You Soon
SYTSee You Tomorrow
s^what’s up?
T&CTerms & Conditions
T2ULTalk To You Later
T2UTTalk To You Tomorrow
[email protected]Talk At You Later
TAThanks Again
TABOMThat’s A Bunch Of Malarkey
TABOOMATake A Bite Out Of My Ass
TAFThat’s All, Folks
TAFNThat’s All For Now
TAHTake A Hike
TAHITMOTSThere’s A Hole In The Middle Of The Sea
TAKSThat’s A Knee Slapper
TAMThanks A Million
TANJThere Ain’t No Justice
TANSITThere’s A New Sheriff In Town
TANSTAAFLThere Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TAPTake A Pill
TARFUThings Are Really F***ed Up
TASTaking A Shower
TAWTeachers Are Watching
TAYNThinking About You Now
TBTitty Bar
TBATo Be Advised
TBCTo Be Continued
TBDTo Be Determined
TBEThick Between Ears
TBHTo Be Honest
TBIUThe Bitch Is Ugly
TBTThrowback Thursday
TBUThinking ‘Bout You
TBYBTry Before You Buy
TCTake Care
TCBTrouble Came Back -or- Taking Care of Business
TCOBTaking Care Of Business
TCOYTake Care Of Yourself
TD&HTall, Dark and Handsome
TDMToo Darn Many
TDTMTalk Dirty To Me
TEOTWAWKIThe End Of The World As We Know It
TFToo Funny
TFDSThat’s For Darn Sure
TFHThread From Hell
TFLMSThanks For Letting Me Share
TFMThanks From Me
TFMIUThe F***ing Manual Is Unreadable
TFNThanks For Nothing -or- Til Further Notice
TFSThanks For Sharing -or- Three Finger Salute
TFTCThanks For The Cache
TFTHAOTThanks For The Help Ahead Of Time
TFTTThanks For The Thought
TFTUThanks For The Update
TFYSThe F*** You Say
TG4AThank God For Acronyms
TGALThink Globally, Act Locally
TGGTGThat Girl/Guy has Got To Go
TGIFThank God It’s Friday
THX or TX or THKSThanks
TIAThanks In Advance
TIAILThink I Am In Love
TICTongue In Cheek
TIGASThink I Give A Sh**
TILFTeacher I’d Like to F***
TILIITell It Like It Is
TIMETears In My Eyes
TINGTESThere Is No Gravity, The Earth Sucks
TINWISThat Is Not What I Said
TISCThis Is So Cool
TISLThis Is So Lame
TISNCThis Is So Not Cool
TISNFThat Is So Not Fair
TISNTThat Is So Not True
TJBNJThis Job Beats No Job
TKTo Come
TKOTechnical Knock Out
TKU4UKThank You For Your Kindness
tl;drtoo long; didn’t read
TLAThree Letter Acronym
TLCTender Loving Care
TLGOThe List Goes On
TLITBCThat’s Life In The Big City
TLK2UL8RTalk To You Later
TMTrust Me
TMAToo Many Acronyms
TMALSSTo Make A Long Story Short
TMIToo Much Information
TMSGOToo Much Sh** Going On
TMTOWTDIThere’s More Than One Way To Do It
TNATemporarily Not Available
TNCTongue In Cheek
TNTTil Next Time
TNTLTrying Not To Laugh
to go nookleerto explode
TOBALThere Oughta Be A Law
TOBGThis Oughta Be Good
TOMTBTaking Off My Training Bra
TOONshort for cartoon
TOPCATil Our Paths Cross Again
TOTTons Of Time
TOYThinking Of You
TPTeam Player -or- TelePort -or- Thanks Pal
TPCThe Phone Company
TPSThat’s Pretty Stupid
TPTTrailor Park Trash
TPTBThe Powers That Be
TQMTotal Quality Management
TRAMThe Rest Are Mine
TRDMCTears Running Down My Cheeks
tripdubtriple w
TRPTelevision Rating Points
TSTough Sh** -or- Totally Stinks
TSBTall, Sexy, Beautiful
TSIAThis Says It All
TSIFThank Science It’s Friday
TSNFThat’s So Not Fair
TSOBTough Son Of a B*tch
TSRTotally Stuck in RAM -or- Totally Stupid Rules
TSRATwo Shakes of a Rat’s Ass
TSTBThe Sooner, The Better
TTBig Tease
TTATap That Ass
TTBOMKTo The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFNTa Ta For Now
TTGTime to Go
TTIOTThe Truth Is Out There
TTKSFTrying To Keep a Straight Face
TTSText To Speech
TTTThat’s The Ticket -or- To The Top -or- Thought That Too
TTTHTalk To The Hand
TTTHTFALTalk To The Hand The Face Ain’t Listening
TTTKATime To Totally Kick Ass
TTTTTo Tell The Truth
TTULTalk To You Later
TTYAWFNTalk To You A While From Now
TTYIAFTalk/Type To You In A Few
TTYLTalk To You Later -or- Type To You Later
TTYOBTend To Your Own Business
TTYSTalk To You Soon
TTYTTalk To You Tomorrow
TUToes Up (as in dead)
TVM4YEMThank You Very Much For Your E-Mail
TWDTexting While Driving
TWHABThis Won’t Hurt A Bit
TWHEThe Walls Have Ears
TWIMCTo Whom It May Concern
TWITThat’s What I Thought
TWITAThat’s What I’m Talking About
TWIWIThat Was Interesting, Wasn’t It?
TWSSThat’s What She Said
TWUThat’s What’s Up
TXT IMText Instant Message
TXT MSGtext message
TYThank You
TYGThere You Go -or- Thank You God
TYLText You Later -or- Thank You Lord
TYVMThank You Very Much
u upare you up?
U-LYou Will
U2You Too
u8you ate?
UBSUnique Buying State
UCWAPUp a Creek Without A Paddle
UDH82BMEYou’d Hate To Be Me
UDMYou’re the Man
UFNUntil Further Notice
UFUFYou F***, You Fix
UG2BKYou’ve Got To Be Kidding
UGCUser-Generated Content
UGFSUYour Girlfriend’s Ugly
UGTRYou Got That Right
UNFUniversal Noise of Fucking
UNOITYou Know It
unPCunPolitically Correct
UNTUntil Next Time
UNTCOYou Need To Chill Out
UOKAre You OK?
UPODUnder Promise Over Deliver
uryou are
UR2KYou Are Too Kind
URAPITAYou Are A Pain In The Ass
URSAIYou Are Such An Idiot
URWYou Are Welcome
URWSYou Are Wise
URYY4MYou Are Too Wise For Me
USCUp Sh** Creek
USCWAPUp Sh** Creek Without A Paddle
USPUnique Selling Proposition
UTMYou Tell Me
UVUnpleasant Visual
UWIWUYou Wish I Was You
UWMYou Want Me
UXUser eXperience
VBGVery Big Grin
VBMGVery Big Mischievous Grin
VBSVery Big Smile
VCVenture Capital
VCDAVaya Con Dios, Amigo
VEGVery Evil Grin
VFMValue For Money
VGNVegan -or- Vegetarian
VIMVery Important Member
VIPVery Important Person
VIVVery Important Visitor
VMVoice Mail
VRBSVirtual Reality Bull Sh**
VSFVery Sad Face
VWDVery Well Done
VWPVery Well Played
w wultwhat would you like to talk about
w’s^what’s up?
w/r/twith regard to
w00tWe Own the Other Team
w4mwomen for men
W9Wife in room
[email protected]What?
WABIWhat A Bright Idea
WABOCWhat A Bunch Of Crap
WABOMWhat A Bunch Of Malarkey
WACIWhat A Cool Idea
WADWithout A Doubt
WADIWhat A Dumb Idea
WAEFWhen All Else Fails
WAFBWhat A F***ing Bitch
WAFMWhat A F***ing Mess
WAFSWarm And Fuzzies
WAFUWhat A F*** Up
WAGWild Ass Guess
WAIWhat An Idiot
WAKWhat A Kiss
WAMBAMWeb Application Meets Brick And Mortar
WASWhat A Slut
WATIWhat A Terrible Idea
WAWWaiter/Actor/Webmaster -or- What A Whore
WAWIWhat A Wonderful Idea
WAYDWhat Are You Doing?
WAYNWhere Are You Now?
WBWelcome Back -or- Write Back
WBSWrite Back Soon
WBUWhat ‘Bout You?
WCWho Cares -or- Water Closet
WCAWho Cares Anyway
WCMTSUWe Can’t Make This Sh** Up
WCWWoman Crush Wednesday
WDWell Done
WDALYICWho Died And Left You In Charge?
WDDDWoopie Doo Da Dey
WDRWith Due Respect
WDTWho Does That?
WDYMWhat Do You Mean?
WDYMBTWhat Do You Mean By That?
WDYSWhat Did You Say?
WDYTWhat Do You Think?
WEGWicked Evil Grin
WETSUWe Eat This Sh** Up
WFWay Fun
WFMWorks For Me
WGWicked Grin
WGAFFWho Gives A Flying F***
WGMGDWhat Get’s Measured Get’s Done
WHYDTMWhat Have You Done To Me?
WIBAMUWell, I’ll Be A Monkey’s Uncle
WIBNIWouldn’t It Be Nice If
WIIFMWhat’s In It For Me
WIIFYWhat’s In It For You
WIIWIIWell It Is What It Is
WILBWorkplace Internet Leisure Browsing
WILCOWill Comply
WIMWoe Is Me
WIPWork In Process
WISPWinning Is So Pleasureable
WITWordsmith In Training
WITFITSWhat In The F*** Is This Sh**
WITWWhat In The World
WIUWrap It Up
wkewlway cool
WLMIRLWould Like to Meet In Real Life
WMHGBWhere Many Have Gone Before
WMMOWSWash My Mouth Out With Soap
WMPLWet My Pants Laughing
WNOHGBWhere No One Has Gone Before
WOAWork Of Art
WOGWise Old Guy
WOMWord Of Mouth -or- Word Of Mouse
WOMBATWaste Of Money, Brains And Time
WOOFWell Off Older Folks
wootWe Own the Other Team
WOPWith Out Papers
wordit means cool, a.k.a. word up
WOTWaste Of Time
WOTAMWaste Of Time And Money
WOTDWord Of The Day
WPWell Played
WRTWith Regard To -or- With Respect To
wruwhere are you?
WRUDWhat Are You Doing?
WRUDATMWhat Are You Doing At The Moment?
WSUWhat Say You?
WTWithout Thinking -or- What The -or- Who The
WTBWant To Buy
WTDBWhat’s The Difference Between
WTFWhat The F***
WTFDYJSWhat The F*** Did You Just Say?
WTFGDAWay To F***ing Go, Dumb Ass
WTFHWhat The F***ing Hell
WTFWYCMWhy The F*** Would You Call Me?
WTGWay To Go
WTG4a\%/Want To Go For A Drink
WTGPWant To Go Private?
WTHWhat The Heck
WTHINWhat The Hell Is Next
WTHOWWhite Trash Headline Of the Week
WTMCWhat The Mother C***
WTMIWay Too Much Information
WTNWhat Then Now? -or- Who Then Now?
WTSWant To Sell
WTSDSWhere The Sun Don’t Shine
WTSHTFWhen The Sh** Hits The Fan
WTTMWithout Thinking Too Much
WUWhat’s Up
WUFWhere You From
WUWHWish You Were Here
WUWHIMAWish You Were Here In My Arms
wuz4dinaWhat’s for dinner?
wuzupwhat’s up?
WWJDWhat Would Jesus Do?
WWNOWalker Wheels Need Oil
WWSDWhat Would Satan Do?
WWWWorld Wide Web -or- World Wide Wait -or- What Went Wrong
WWYWhere Were You?
WYCMWill You Call Me?
WYDWhat You Doing?
WYFMWould You F*** Me?
WYGISWYPFWhat You Get Is What You Pay For
WYMWhat do You Mean?
WYPWhat’s Your Problem?
WYRNWhat’s Your Real Name?
WYSWhatever You Say
WYSILOBWhat You See Is A Load of Bullocks
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
WYSLPGWhat You See Looks Pretty Good
WYTWhatever You Think
WYTBWish You The Best
WYWHWish You Were Here
Xit means times
XMEExcuse Me
XOXOHugs and Kisses
XOXOZZZHugs and Kisses and Sweet Dreams
XXCCKiss, Kiss, Hug, Hug
YWhy? -or- Yes
YAYet Another
YA yayaYet Another Ya-Ya (as in yo-yo)
YABAYet Another Bloody Acronym
YACCYet Another Calendar Company
YAFYoung Angry Female
YAFIYGIYou Asked For It You Got It
YAHOOYou Always Have Other Options
YAJWDYou Ain’t Just Whistling Dixie
YAOTMYet Another Off Topic Message
YARBWYRYou’re A Right Bleed’n Wanker You Are
YATFMYou Are Too F***ing Much
YATIYou’re A Total Idiot
YAUNYet Another Unix Nerd
YBYou B*tch
YBFYou’ve Been F***ed
YBSYou’ll Be Sorry
YBYYeah Baby Yeah
YBYSAYou Bet Your Sweet Ass
YCMTSUYou Can’t Make This Sh** Up
YCMUYou Crack Me Up
YCTYour Comment To
YDKMYou Don’t Know Me
YEPPIESYoung Experimenting Perfection Seekers
YGBKYou Gotta Be Kidding
YGBSMYou Gotta Be Sh**ing Me
YGLTYou’re Gonna Love This
YGMYou’ve Got Mail
YGTBKYou’ve Got To Be Kidding
YGWYPFYou Get What You Pay For
YHMYou Have Mail
YICYours In Christ
YIUYes, I Understand
YIWGPYes, I Will Go Private
YKWYou Know What?
YKWIMYou Know What I Mean
YLHYour Loving Husband
YLLOYou Lie Like Obama
YLWYour Loving Wife
YMYour Mother
YMAKYou May Already Know
YMALYou Might Also Like
YMBKMYou Must Be Kidding Me
YMMDYou Make My Day -or- You Made My Day
YMMVYour Mileage May Vary
YMYBNYCSIIYou Made Your Bed Now You Can Sleep In It
YNGBTYou’re Not Gonna Believe This
YNKYou Never Know
YOLOYou Only Live Once
YOYOYou’re On Your Own
YRYeah Right
YRYOCCYou’re Running on Your Own Cookoo Clock
YSYou Stinker
YSANYou’re Such A Nerd
ysdiw8why should i wait?
YSICWhy Should I Care?
YSKYou Should Know
YSYDYeah, Sure You Do
YTBYou’re The Best
YTRNWYeah That’s Right, Now What?
YTTMYou Talk Too Much
YTTTYou Telling The Truth?
YUMPIYoung Upwardly Mobile Professional Idiot
YUPPIESYoung Urban Professionals
YVWYou’re Very Welcome
YWYou’re Welcome
YWIAYou’re Welcome In Advance
YY4UToo Wise For You
YYSSWYeah Yeah Sure Sure Whatever
zergTo gang up on someone
ZMG or ZOMGOh My God
ZZZSleeping, Bored, Tired
M/Heavy Metal Music
^5High Five
^RUP^Read Up Please
^URSUp Yours
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sms acronyms

Добавлено: 15.11.13








Английские сокращения и сленг в чатах, мессенджерах и sms

Добавьте страницу на экран смартфона

Молодёжный сленг – предмет обсуждения в любой стране, его часто критикуют, а то и попросту ругают. Но давайте взглянем на него под другим углом и постараемся понять, что язык начинается с общения, и, если сленг помогает кому-то общаться, значит, на него стоит обратить внимание.

Вам доводилось когда-нибудь оказаться в английском чате или читать SMS-ки отправленные юными носителями? Тот кто впервые столкнулся с этим явлением, может получить лёгкий шок. Даже если вы до сих пор считали, что неплохо знаете английский, вы можете оказаться в очень неприятном положении. Стоит ли удивляться этому, если даже англоязычные родители не всегда понимают что пишут (а иногда и говорят) их чада.
Сокращения и сленговые словечки на английском радикально отличаются от своих русских собратьев. Если в русских переписках чаще можно встретить укороченные версии написания привычных слов (типа буш – будешь; щас – сейчас; выхи – выходные; двигло – двигатель), то в английском языке можно выделить несколько своеобразных видов сокращений:

1. Обычные сокращения, они же аббревиатуры, например IDK – I don’t know. Таких сокращений очень много, запомнить все достаточно сложно – тысячи их. Часто сами носители языка догадываются о значении того или иного сокращения только по смыслу переписки в чате или форуме.

2. Слова и фразы с использованием цифр. Людям, которые только начали изучать язык англичан бывает трудно сходу прочитать и понять такие фразы в онлайн общении: c u l8r (see you later). Тем, кто ещё помнит что такое ребус, будет чуть легче. На начальном этапе не стоит зацикливаться на этих цифрах и буквах, просто попробуйте произнести то, что написано вслух, и звуки подскажут вам знакомые слова. 2day – [tuː][deɪ] – today (сегодня); m8 – [m][eɪt] – mate (приятель, напарник, партнёр).

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3. Ещё один вид письма ленивых обитателей англоязычной части интернета – это укороченные в процессе разговорной речи слова: kinda (kind of), wanna (want to), lemme (let me). Специфичность и важность этих сокращений в том, что мы постоянно слышим их в устной речи американцев и британцев, поэтому на них стоит обратить особое внимание.

Кстати, американский сленг существенно отличается от британского, а ещё есть канадский и австралийский. А сколько ещё местных слов и выражений? Наверное, этого не знает никто.
Мы сделали жалкую попытку собрать малую, но, пожалуй, самую популярную часть сленговых сокращений в таблицу для знакомства и, возможно, даже для запоминания.

Таблицу можно сортировать по английскому и русскому алфавиту в обе стороны.

@atв/на Называя свой email, англичане говорят эт, а вовсе не собачка.
?4U(I have a) Question for you.Я хочу задать тебе вопрос.
^^Read line above.Читай строку выше.
I 1t.I want.Я хочу.
121one-to-oneтет-а-тет, один на один, с глазу на глаз
<3love (сердечко ♡ повёрнутое на бок)любовь
2to/tooк/слишком, также
AFKaway from keyboardотошёл от клавиатуры (уже не так актуально в связи с распространением тачскринов)
AKAalso known asтакже известен как
ASAPas soon as possibleкак можно быстрее (такое сокращение можно часто увидеть и в деловой переписке)
AYTAre you there?ты тут?
B2Bbusiness to businessкорпоративный сегмент бизнеса (это даже не сленг, а общепринятое сокращение сокращение из сферы бизнеса)
B2Wback to workвернулся к работе
B4beforeдо; перед тем, как
BCbecauseпотому что
BBLBe back later.Вернусь позже.
BBSBe back soon.Скоро вернусь.
BFFbest friend(s) foreverлучшие друзья навсегда
BRBBe right back.Сейчас вернусь.
BTWby the wayкстати
CMBCall me back.Перезвони мне.
CMIIWCorrect me if I’m wrong.Поправь меня если я не прав.
CUSee you.Увидимся (до встречи).
CU L8RSee you later.Увидимся позже.
CU46See you for sex.Увидимся (встретимся) для секса.
CUZ/COSbecauseпотому что
CWYLChat with you later.Поболтаем позже.
DCdisconnectedсоединение прервано
DIYDo it yourself.Сделай сам.
DMDirect Messageличное сообщение
dunno/DNOdon’t knowне знаю
F2Fface-to-faceлицом к лицу
FAQfrequently asked questionsчасто задаваемые вопросы
FYIfor your informationк твоему сведению
FYEOfor your eyes onlyтолько для тебя
GAGjoke/funny stuffприкол, смешной контент, гэг. Хотя изначально это слово означало, кляп, затычку.
GFgirlfriendвозлюбленная, гёрлфрэнд; Если это просто подруга, то пишется в два слова: girl friend
GGGotta go.Должен (надо) идти.
Gimmegive meдай мне
GLgood luckудачи
Gonnagoing toсобираюсь, хочу
GottaI’ve got toя должен, мне надо
HBDHappy Birthday!с Днем Рождения!
hhhhhhvery funnyочень весело
How r uHow are you?Как ты?
ICI seeя вижу; я понимаю
IDKI don’t knowя не знаю
IMHOin my humble opinionпо моему скромному мнению
IKI know.Я знаю.
IMInstant Messageмгновенное сообщение
IOWIn Other Wordsдругими словами
IRLIn Real Lifeв реальной жизни (то есть не в онлайн чате или в мессенджере)
J/KJust Kiddingшучу; шутка
KOK, okeyокей, о’кей
kindakind ofчто-то вроде
KWIM(You) Know What I Mean?Понимаешь о чем я?
lemmelet meпозволь мне
L8Rlater(свяжемся) позже
LOLLaugh Out Loudгромко смеюсь
LMAOLaughing My Ass Offнадрываюсь от смеха; ржу до усрачки
luv ulove youлюблю тебя
M/FMale or Female?парень иди девушка?
NO1no oneникто
NVMNeVer Mindне парься; забудь
ofcof courseконечно
OICOh, I seeо, я понимаю (вижу)
OMGOh My Godо боже мой
OTWOn The Wayв пути
outtaout ofиз/вне/за
P2PPerson-to-Personодин на один
PMPrivate Messageличное сообщение
Rareспряжение глагола to be
ROFLRolling on the floor laughing.Катаюсь по полу от смеха. (очень смешно)
ROFLOLRolling on the floor laughing out loud.То же, что и предыдущее, только ещё смешнее.
RUOKAre you okay?Ты в порядке?
Sup or ZupWhat’s up?Как дела?
SYLSee you later.Увидимся позже.
TBFTo Be FairСправедливости ради; говоря по справедливости; стоит заметить
TBHTo Be Honestчестно говоря; если честно
TGIFThank Goodness It’s Friday.Слава богу пятница (наступила).
THX or thnx or thanxthanksспасибо
TTFNTa ta for now.На сегодня хватит.
TTYLTalk to you later.Поговорим позже.
TYTTake your time.Не торопись.
U2you tooты тоже
uryour / you’re / you areтвой/ты
wanna/want2want toхочу
w/withс (кем-то, чем-то)
WTFWhat(‘s) the fuck?Что за хрень? (и это ещё мягко сказано!)
WTFWow, that’s fun!Ух ты, это здорово! (Это скорее шуточный вариант предыдущего ругательства.)
WTHWhat(‘s) the heck?Какого чёрта? Что за дела?
WRU?Where are you?Ты где?
WUWTWhat’s up with that?Что тут случилось? Что тут не так?
XOXOhugs and kisses / loveобъятия и поцелуи / короче, любовь и дружба
ZZZtired, boredустал, скучно
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